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This is MQTT client library for ESP8266, port from: MQTT client library for Contiki (thanks)


  • Support subscribing, publishing, authentication, will messages, keep alive pings and all 3 QoS levels (it should be a fully functional client).
  • Support multiple connection (to multiple hosts).
  • Support SSL connection
  • Easy to setup and use



  • Copy file include/user_config.sample.h to include/user_config.local.h and change settings, included: SSID, PASS, MQTT configurations ...

Make sure to add PYTHON PATH and compile PATH to Eclipse environment variable if using Eclipse

git clone --recursive
cd esp_mqtt
make clean
make SDK_BASE=/tools/esp8266/sdk/ESP8266_NONOS_SDK ESPTOOL=tools/esp8266/esptool/ all
make ESPPORT=/dev/ttyUSB0 flash


See file: user/user_main.c


  • The client id needs to be unique. If not, When there are more than 2 clients use the same ClientID, the following logged-in client will kick the ahead logged-in client, and so on forever

Publish message and Subscribe

/* TRUE if success */
BOOL MQTT_Subscribe(MQTT_Client *client, char* topic, uint8_t qos);

BOOL MQTT_Publish(MQTT_Client *client, const char* topic, const char* data, int data_length, int qos, int retain);

Already support LWT: (Last Will and Testament)

/* Broker will publish a message with qos = 0, retain = 0, data = "offline" to topic "/lwt" if client don't send keepalive packet */
MQTT_InitLWT(&mqttClient, "/lwt", "offline", 0, 0);

Default configuration

See: include/user_config.sample.h

Define protocol name in include/user_config.local.h

#define PROTOCOL_NAMEv31	/*MQTT version 3.1 compatible with Mosquitto v0.15*/
//PROTOCOL_NAMEv311			/*MQTT version 3.11 compatible with*/

Create SSL Self sign

openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:1024 -keyout key.pem -out cert.pem -days XXX

SSL Mqtt broker for test

var mosca = require('mosca')
var SECURE_KEY = __dirname + '/key.pem';
var SECURE_CERT = __dirname + '/cert.pem';
var ascoltatore = {
  //using ascoltatore
  type: 'mongo',
  url: 'mongodb://localhost:27017/mqtt',
  pubsubCollection: 'ascoltatori',
  mongo: {}

var moscaSettings = {
  port: 1880,
  stats: false,
  backend: ascoltatore,
  persistence: {
    factory: mosca.persistence.Mongo,
    url: 'mongodb://localhost:27017/mqtt'
  secure : {
    keyPath: SECURE_KEY,
    certPath: SECURE_CERT,
    port: 1883

var server = new mosca.Server(moscaSettings);
server.on('ready', setup);

server.on('clientConnected', function(client) {
    console.log('client connected',;

// fired when a message is received
server.on('published', function(packet, client) {
  console.log('Published', packet.payload);

// fired when the mqtt server is ready
function setup() {
  console.log('Mosca server is up and running')

Example projects using esp_mqtt:

MQTT Broker for test

MQTT Client for test


Feel free to contribute to the project in any way you like!

Authors: Tuan PM

LICENSE - "MIT License"

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