Spatial Collision Datastructures

Benchmark of various spatial data structures for collision detection.
Alternatives To Spatial Collision Datastructures
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Write A Hash Table2,439
3 years ago19mit
✏️ Learn how to write a hash table in C
25 days ago1mitC
Templated type-safe hashmap implementation in C using open addressing and linear probing for collision resolution.
Spatial Collision Datastructures94
5 years agoms-rlC++
Benchmark of various spatial data structures for collision detection.
Quadtree Lib37442 months ago15August 30, 20171mitCoffeeScript
Efficient quadtrees library written in CoffeeScript.
Clj Similar16
7 years ago7July 20, 2016epl-1.0Java
Experimental library for similar set lookup using MinHash and k-d trees
6 months ago1otherJulia
Tree data structure for log(N) collision testing
D Left5
6 years agomitC
data structure to store data, rapidly, memory-efficiently and with less collision
C Dict3
4 years agoC
A tiny library that brings the support of dictionaries to C programming language with a fast lookup using hash tables. dict type can be used to associate large arrays with string keys.
Algorithms And Data Structures2
9 months agoJavaScript
8 years agoJava
Visualition demo of QuadTree (collisions and game of life)
Alternatives To Spatial Collision Datastructures
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Spatial Collision Test Image

This project is a benchmark tool used to assess performance of different collision detection data structures.

Most of these data structures were taken Christer Ericson's Real-Time collision detection (Morgan Kaufmann Publishers 2004) book.

The Kd-Tree SAH idea was taken from Maxim Shevtsov, Alexei Soupikov, Alexander 
Kapustin, Intel
 Corporation, 2007, "Highly Parallel Fast KD‐tree Construction for Interactive Ray Tracing of Dynamic Scenes" paper.

The implemented data structures are:

  • Bruteforce (for reference)
  • Sort and Sweep (Sweep and Prune)
  • Uniform Grid
  • Hierarchical Grid
  • Octree
  • Loose Octree
  • Kd-Tree (using SAH)

A small demo application was written (using GLUT and FF OpenGL) to help visualize and compare the tested data structures.

Please see LICENSE file for License information.
All code is (c) Mykola Konyk, 2008.

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