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Transmute dApp

This project is deprecated. See

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Create an issue if you want a feature or need help!

Please fork and submit PRs!

You will need to install NodeJS -

Austin Ethereum Meetup


Just run

$ docker-compose up

Build and run (slow)

$ docker-compose up --build

If you already had ipfs installed, you may need to npm run ipfs:allow this will add localhost:3000 to ipfs access control allow origin.

If everything works, the app will be available at:

Run without docker

You will need to install &

$ git clone
$ cd dapp
$ npm install -g truffle ethereumjs-testrpc
$ npm install
$ npm run ipfs
$ npm run testrpc
$ npm run test
$ npm run migrate
$ npm run start


  • Docker with React Hot Module Reload!
  • Jest and Truffle Tests
  • TypeScript
  • Redux + Transmute Framework (Redux for Smart Contracts)

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