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react-particle-effect-button (demo)

Bursting particle effect buttons for React.

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This library is a React port of an awesome Codrops Article by Luis Manuel (original source).


npm install --save react-particle-effect-button


Check out the Demo to see it in action.

import React, { Component } from 'react'

import ParticleEffectButton from 'react-particle-effect-button'

class App extends Component {
  state = {
    hidden: false

  render () {
    return (

Note that children can be anything from a simple <button> to a complex React subtree. The children should represent the button's contents.

You change the hidden boolean prop to kick-off an animation, typically as a result of a click on the button's contents. If hidden changes to true, the button will perform a disintegrating animation. If hidden changes to false, it will reverse and reintegrate the original content.


Property Type Default Description
hidden boolean false Whether button should be hidden or visible. Changing this prop starts an animation.
color string '#000' Particle color. Should match the button content's background color
children React Node undefined The contents of the button.
duration number 1000 Animation duration in milliseconds.
easing string 'easeInOutCubic' Animation easing.
type string circle 'circle' or 'rectangle' or 'triangle'
style string fill 'fill' or 'stroke'
direction string 'left' 'left' or 'right' or 'top' or 'bottom'
canvasPadding number 150 Amount of extra padding to add to the canvas since the animation will overflow the content's bounds
size number func random(4)
speed number func random(4)
particlesAmountCoefficient number 3 Increases or decreases the relative number of particles
oscillationCoefficient number 20 Increases or decreases the relative curvature of particles
onBegin func noop Callback to be notified once an animation starts.
onComplete func noop Callback to be notified once an animation completes.

I tried to keep the properties exactly the same as in the original codrops version.


This module was bootstrapped with create-react-library.


MIT © Travis Fischer

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