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Create an interactive dot plot from mummer output OR PAF format

R script that makes a plotly interactive and/or static (png/pdf) dot plot.

Shiny app available for testing

Example (more here)

For mummer (nucmer -> show-coords) output:

show-coords -c > example.coords
./mummerCoordsDotPlotly.R -i example.coords -o out -s -t -m 500 -q 500000 -k 7 -l

For PAF format (e.g. minimap2):

./pafCoordsDotPlotly.R -i example.paf -o out -s -t -m 500 -q 500000 -k 7 -l

Updates (10/29/17)

  • Added script for PAF format
  • Fixes for Mummer format script: add -t param, add handling of one ref chrom


The script requires three R packages: install.packages(c("optparse", "ggplot2", "plotly")).

Script parameters

Use ./mummerCoordsDotPlotly.R -h to see options.

	-i INPUT, --input=INPUT
		coords file from mummer program 'show.coords' [default NULL]

	-o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
		output filename prefix [default out]

	-v, --verbose
		Print out all parameter settings [default]

	-q MIN-QUERY-LENGTH, --min-query-length=MIN-QUERY-LENGTH
		filter queries with total alignments less than cutoff X bp [default 4e+05]

		filter alignments less than cutoff X bp [default 10000]

	-p PLOT-SIZE, --plot-size=PLOT-SIZE
		plot size X by X inches [default 15]

	-l, --show-horizontal-lines
		turn on horizontal lines on plot for separating scaffolds  [default FALSE]

		number of sorted reference chromosomes to keep [default all chromosmes]

	-s, --similarity
		turn on color alignments by percent similarity [default FALSE]

	-t, --identity-on-target
		turn on calculation of % identity for on-target alignments only [default FALSE]

	-x, --interactive-plot-off
		turn off production of interactive plotly [default TRUE]

	-r REFERENCE-IDS, --reference-ids=REFERENCE-IDS
		comma-separated list of reference IDs to keep [default NULL]

	-h, --help
		Show this help message and exit

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