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Dragon.js 🐉

dragon.js is a bookmarklet that lets you drag any element on a website using a mouse or touchscreen. The goal is to speed up in-browser design critiques and brainstorming new layout ideas.

How to use

You can test the functionality with demo content on index.html, where you will also find the ‘pretty’ source code for the bookmarklet.

Demo at

To use this on other websites you have two options: run it as JavaScript on the page, or create a bookmarklet.

How to create a bookmarklet

  • Create a bookmark
  • Edit the URL
  • replace the URL with javascript: followed by the contents of dragon.js

Now you can load load any page, then tap the bookmarklet to enter 'dragon' mode

How to run as JavaScript

You have two options here as well. All browsers except mobile safari (iPad and iPhone) will allow you to simply replace the URL in the address bar of a loaded website with javascript: and then write whatever JavaScript you want. I find this easier than a bookmarklet on desktop.

The other way is by opening your Developer Tools in the browser you can paste the contents of dragon.js into the JavaScript Console and enter it and it will run on the page as well.

🐲 —happy hacking!

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