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Digital electronics 2

The repository contains AVR lab exercises for bachelor course Digital Electronics 2 at Brno University of Technology, Czechia. Arduino Uno and some shields are used as the main programming platform.


  1. Git version-control system, AVR tools
  2. Control of GPIO, LED, push button
  3. User library for GPIO control
  4. Interrupts, timers
  5. Display devices, 7-segment display
  6. Display devices, LCD display
  7. ADC and UART serial communication
  8. I2C/TWI serial communication
  9. C project: General instructions
  10. (Self-study) Combining C and assembly language

List of examples


The following hardware and software components are mainly used in the lab.


  1. How to use AVR template on Linux
  2. How to use AVR template on Windows
  3. How to use AVR template with PlatformIO
  4. Peter Fleury, AVR-GCC libraries
  5. Wykys, Tools for development of AVR microcontrollers
  6. Barr Group, Embedded C Coding Standard
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