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This plugin is outdated. As an alternative, please refer to Christoph Giesches Home Assistant plugin for Stream Deck.

Not working with self signed certificates.

Home Assistant for Elgato Stream Deck

Use the Elgato Stream Deck as Home Assistant controller. Call any available service and toggle lights or resume your music.

Should work cross-platform. Tested with macOS Mojave and HassOS on RPi0W.

Not using Home Assistant but still want to control your devices without a server? Check out my other repositories and try the IFTTT Integration here.

How to use

This Integration uses the Home Assistant REST API and Service Calls.

General installation & setup

Download the latest release here and execute the file. The Stream Deck software should ask you to continue the installation.


Creating a new action

Drag and drop the Home Assistant action from the Action list to the Canvas area. Select it and configure it.

You can get a long-live access token by creating on your profile in Home Assistant. (Just add "/profile" to your url if you don't find it)

For configuring the other required options, check here. Service data should be served in json like here.

To test out your service calls, check the Service development tool on your Home Assistant instance.


Feel free to ask your questions/report bugs on the community-ran Elgato Discord Server. I'm there too ;)

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