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Wrap your grpc-gateway mux with this helper to expose streaming endpoints over websockets.

On the wire this uses newline-delimited json encoding of the messages.


	mux := runtime.NewServeMux()
	opts := []grpc.DialOption{grpc.WithInsecure()}
	if err := echoserver.RegisterEchoServiceHandlerFromEndpoint(ctx, mux, *grpcAddr, opts); err != nil {
		return err
-	http.ListenAndServe(*httpAddr, mux)
+	http.ListenAndServe(*httpAddr, wsproxy.WebsocketProxy(mux))


import ""

Package wsproxy implements a websocket proxy for grpc-gateway backed services


var (
	MethodOverrideParam = "method"
	TokenCookieName     = "token"

func WebsocketProxy

func WebsocketProxy(h http.Handler) http.HandlerFunc

WebsocketProxy attempts to expose the underlying handler as a bidi websocket stream with newline-delimited JSON as the content encoding.

The HTTP Authorization header is either populated from the Sec-Websocket-Protocol field or by a cookie. The cookie name is specified by the TokenCookieName value.


Sec-Websocket-Protocol: Bearer, foobar

is converted to:

Authorization: Bearer foobar

Method can be overwritten with the MethodOverrideParam get parameter in the requested URL

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