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Note: This Project is Currently Not Maintained and not planning for any more updates, I am Working on Completely Revamped Project Which can be seen here - Zyndex Drive

A Vue js Based GD Index

Project HomePage

Follow guide to deploy yours!

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We have a Detailed Project WiKi that Explains Everything in Detail and the Process to be Done to Deploy Everything and Also how to Develop in Local Environment - Here is the Wiki

Introducing Our Own CLI Tool

You can Use Our CLI Tool to Deploy Your Backend With Ease.

  • Open Cmd or Terminal as the Case maybe and Type the following
> npm i -g gindex-cli-tool
  • After Installing the Package, Enter the Following to Initialize the Tool and Check for all the Pre-requisites
> gdployer init
  • After Performing all the Checks it give a Success Output.
  • Type in the Following to Login to Heroku Account from the CLI.
> heroku login
  • Type in the Following to Start Deployment Process.
> gdployer deploy

What is GD Index ?

First of all GD-Index stands for Google Drive Directory Index. It is a Serverless Google Drive directory indexing program. It can list Google Drive files in the form of a directory and can be downloaded through a straight chain. It Can be Your Personal Drive or Share Drive or a Folder or a Team Drive.

This GIndex is Based on Vue.js, a progressive framework for building user interfaces. Unlike other monolithic frameworks, Vue is designed from the ground up to be incrementally adoptable. The core library is focused on the view layer only, and is easy to pick up and integrate with other libraries or existing projects.

Any Issues / Help Regarding Setup, Feel free to Contact Through the telegram Group.

Local Development

You can Visit the Releases folder in the Repo for All the Local Development Zips Including Frontend, Backend and CLI Tool to Develop Locally. Pull Requests are Welcomed Provided it is Worthy to Merge it.

Click Here for Releases

Now With New UI
Refreshing New Home Look
Refreshing New Home Look
Refreshing New Home Look

Important - This Site Requires My GIndex Live Backend Server to be Running Otherwise the Site will Never Open.

Important - For Setting up of Backend. Visit my Wiki for Help in Setting Up.

Site Features Other than Aicirou's:

  1. This GIndex is Not Like Basic GIndex which Depends on Basic Auth Headers to Authenticate the Users. Rather this has its Own Backend Through Which Users will be Authenticated.
  2. Automated Email Verification with OTP.
  3. Uses Custom Video Player - Plyr to Stream Videos.
  4. Uses Custom Audio Player - Plyr
  5. Complete Dark theme.
  6. User Role Based Authentication.
  7. No Public can Access Site's Content Without Logging in.
  8. Uses JWT to Verify User's Login on Each Route.
  9. JWT is Valid for a Week. After Expiry the User will get Automatically Logged out.
  10. Also User's JWT Token is Stored in LocalStorage as AES 256 Encrypted Key . This will be Decrypted on Demand. So that No One Can Access the User Details even if they have the Key.
  11. Fully Material Redesign of all Pages. (Under Progress).
  12. Has 3 Roles - User, Admins, Superadmins
    • Users - Can Only View Content.
    • Admins - Can Accept Users based on their Request
    • Superadmins - Can Accept Admin Requests.
  13. Uses MongoDB for User Database.
  14. Full Access Control of Backend from Frontend Based on User's Role.

Site Shots:

1. Home - Logged In HomeLog

2. Home - Logged Out homeout

4. Video Page video

5. Video Player - Extended video

6. Video Player - External Players video

7. Settings settings

8. Admin Page admin

9. Admin - User Registration Page register

10. Pending Requests - Modal pending

11. User Request Page request

12. User Verify Page verify

Thanks - Support Me

Creative Commons License
Google Drive Index by Sudharshan TK is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at

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