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4 months ago20mit
大规模中文自然语言处理语料 Large Scale Chinese Corpus for NLP
Bert Ner1,000
3 years ago71mitPython
Use Google's BERT for named entity recognition (CoNLL-2003 as the dataset).
a year ago8mit
Large-scale Pre-training Corpus for Chinese 100G 中文预训练语料
Patents Public Data441
3 months ago36apache-2.0Jupyter Notebook
Patent analysis using the Google Patents Public Datasets on BigQuery
Mseg Semantic366
2 years ago9mitPython
An Official Repo of CVPR '20 "MSeg: A Composite Dataset for Multi-Domain Segmentation"
6 years ago1bsd-3-clauseJupyter Notebook
Transformer of "Attention Is All You Need" (Vaswani et al. 2017) by Chainer.
6 months ago1mitPython
Open alternative to the Google Elevation API!
Landmark2019 1st And 3rd Place Solution198
3 years ago5apache-2.0Python
The 1st Place Solution of the Google Landmark 2019 Retrieval Challenge and the 3rd Place Solution of the Recognition Challenge.
a year ago10mitPython
A simple implementation of Google's Quick, Draw Project for humans. 🖌️ 🖼️
4 years ago
Frame-Recurrent Video Super-Resolution (official repository)
Alternatives To Graph Benchmarks
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Benchmark of popular graph / network packages

A comparison of 5 different packages:

For a more detailed description of the process and results, please refer to the following blog post.


The benchmark was run using Google's Compute n1-standard-16 instance (16vCPU Haswell 2.3GHz, 60 GB memory).

Each algorithm was run 100 times on the Amazon and Google dataset and 10 times on the Pokec dataset, with the exception of Networkx.

The median run time is shown in the table below. Due to differences in profiling techniques and code implementation, the results may differ. Please refer to the respective code bases for implementation details.


Setup and installation instructions can be found in


Datasets are downloaded from and is stored in the data folder. Amazon refers to amazon0302, google to web-Google and pokec to soc-Pokec. A script is provided in the data folder to automate the download and pre-processing of the SNAP datasets.


Profiling code are located in the code folder. A particular benchmark code can be run using the helper bash script [profiling code] [dataset path] [number of repetitions] [output path]. For example, to replicate the igraph benchmark on the amazon dataset with 100 repetitions run code/ data/amazon0302.txt 100 output/igraph_amazon.txt.

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