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A curated list of awesome Anki add-ons, decks and resources. Feel free to suggest new projects in Issues or PR directly.

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  • AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon GitHub stars - AwesomeTTS makes it easy for language-learners and other students to add speech to their personal Anki card decks.

  • glutanimate/review-heatmap GitHub stars - Adds a heatmap graph to Anki's main window which visualizes past and future card review activity, similar to the contribution view on GitHub.

  • glutanimate/cloze-overlapper GitHub stars - Facilitates memorizing enumerations, lists, or any other type of sequential information by breaking the sequence up into cards where each item serves as the context cue for the next.

  • glutanimate/sticky-searches GitHub stars - Adds a number of quick-toggles to the Browser search bar that allow you to preserve specific search parameters across multiple searches, so that you do not have to type them in repeatedly.

  • glutanimate/advanced-previewer GitHub stars - Extends Anki's card previewer with such features: preview multiple cards at once; review cards from the previewer; show question or answer side by default.

  • glutanimate/sequence-inserter GitHub stars - Allows you to define lists and sequences which can later be referenced in your cards through a special tag syntax.

  • glutanimate/unified-remote-anki GitHub stars - A simple custom remote for Anki. Review cards while on a treadmill or across the room.

  • glutanimate/image-occlusion-enhanced GitHub stars - Image Occlusion Enhanced is an add-on for the spaced repetition flashcard app Anki. It allows you to create flashcards that hide parts of an image to test your knowledge of that hidden information.

  • glutanimate/html-cleaner GitHub stars - Cleans and minifies HTML content of the current field, removing extraneous tags and attributes copied over from apps like Word, Chrome, etc.

  • glutanimate/sequence-inserter GitHub stars - Allows you to define lists and sequences which can later be referenced in your cards through a special tag syntax.

  • glutanimate/anki-addons-misc GitHub stars - This repository contains a collection of the small but useful Anki add-ons. For the more detailed table of contents, please see the descriptions of anki-addons-misc.

  • glutanimate/note-organizer GitHub stars - Extends Anki's card browser with an easy-to-use dialog that provides the user with a multitude of different ways to organize and restructure their note collection. Actions supported by the add-on include changing the note order, inserting new notes at specific positions, and the ability to duplicate notes alongside their scheduling.

  • krassowski/Anki-Night-Mode GitHub stars - This plugin adds the function of night mode, similar that one implemented in AnkiDroid.

  • eshapard/AnkiHabitica GitHub stars - Anki 2 add-on for use with Habitica. Places a progress bar on the bottom of the review screen and scores a Habitica habit when the progress bar reaches the end. Also shows your health, exp, and mana stats as percentages to the right of the progress bar.

  • Stefan van den Akker/supplementary-buttons-anki - Provides supplementary formatting buttons and Markdown for AnkiSRS, including Markdown, code blocks, lists, tables, syntax highlight and more.

  • sillsdev/flashfork GitHub stars - Add-on for copying decks of flashcards, with or without also copying their note types.

  • sillsdev/flashgrab GitHub stars - Add-on for pulling flashcard data (one-way sync) from XML.

  • sillsdev/flashgrid GitHub stars - Add-on for drilling flashcards by selecting the correct card from a grid layout of several cards.

  • FooSoft/anki-connect GitHub stars - Add-on to expose a remote API for creating flash cards.

  • Stvad/CrowdAnki GitHub stars - Plugin for Anki SRS designed to facilitate cooperation on creation of notes and decks.


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