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Lecturer: Prof. Hung-yi Lee
Course website:

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  1. Predict PM2.5 using linear regression. [link] [kaggle]. Top28%

  2. Predict income using logistic regression and gradient boosting tree. [link] [kaggle]. Top1%

  3. Image sentiment classification using convolutional neural network (CNN). [link] [kaggle]. Top2%

  4. Text sentiment classification using recurrent neural network (LSTM) [link] [kaggle]. Top1%

  5. Predict movie ratings using Matrix factorization [link] [kaggle]. Top1%

  6. Image clustering (unsupervised learning) [link] [kaggle]. Top2%

[Final] Listen and Translate (ASR+translation) [link] [Kaggle].Top6%

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Jupyter Notebook (154,126
Learning (76,219
Machine Learning (37,065
Classification (13,261
Cnn (12,513
Sentiment (6,177
Kaggle (4,417
Rnn (4,366
Sentiment Analysis (3,251
Recommender System (2,813
Image Classification (2,302
Text Classification (1,553
Unsupervised Learning (1,067
Sentiment Classification (396
Predictive Modeling (369
Recommendation Algorithms (80
Pm25 (59