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A curated list of backlink, social signal opportunities, social media marketing, and referral traffic generation ideas.

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While you're here: I wrote an article entitled Technical Search Engine Optimization (Technical SEO) Crash Course which may be of interest so I thought I'd mention it.

Link Building Strategies and Backlinking Ideas

  • Are Link Exchanges a Legitimate SEO Strategy in 2021?
  • Google Search Central -> Link schemes note "[e]xcessive link exchanges"
  • An easy way to build links (no fluff)
  • Further research required, mentioned but not endorsed: Engage a link-building service (RhinoRank, Authority Builders, Crowdo).
  • Create an infographic (a dated strategy) -- from What Type of Backlinks Does Your Business Really Need Right Now? : "[a]t the old KISSMetrics site, 47 infographics generated 2,512,596 visitors and 41,142 backlinks from 3,741 unique domains" and " Quicksprout, every infographic I published generated 41,487 visitors and 469 backlinks from 38 unique domains" -- when we're talking ROI creating an infographic, at least insofar as these numbers go, probably has the highest potential return. See also 12 Infographic Tips That You Wish You Knew Years Ago. See also Canva: Free infographic maker.
  • Create an image and release it on a site such as Flickr under creative commons distribute with attribution as a backlink to your website (source: Creative Commons Image Link Building Strategy — Free Template). See also Using Flickr To Help Generate Backlinks.
  • Add a link on a page from your company website to the project
  • Add a link on a page from your blog to the project
  • Twitter (social signal)
  • LinkedIn Company Updates - Add a URL to the project will be available for indexing (shortened links are considered redirects by Google).
  • LinkedIn Group Posts - Do NOT count as backlinks but may help to bring awareness to a project.
  • LinkedIn Personal Posts - Do NOT count as backlinks but may help to bring awareness to a project.
  • Write an article on _____ and backlink to the project.
  • Answer questions on Quora and link to the project.
    • Answer questions
    • For content generation opportunities look for questions with a large number of views and/or upvotes and develop content around that subject.
  • Send email to group mailing lists (project awareness, may be indexed if the mailing list is is archived and publicly available).
  • Create a video and release it on YouTube and link to the project in the description.
  • Find appropriate awesome-[x] lists and add a link to your project there.
  • Find complimentary projects and add the backlink to the README in a "See Also" section or where appropriate. Note that reciprocity is likely welcomed.
  • Talk about the project in a podcast and request that the project backlink be added in the details.
    • [Podcasts WANTED]
  • Talk at a event and request that the project backlink be added in the details.
  • Post on Facebook (for referral traffic, see also )
  • Showcase the project including the backlink on Google My Business
  • To be confirmed: Link from a document which was released for Amazon Kindle back to your website.
  • Create a document with a backlink and upload it to Scribd.
  • Convert your content into a YouTube educational video and submit it to the channel, which has ~2.4mm subscribers.
  • Present your content via EventBright (TBC if this idea has merit)
  • AWS IQ members can add links to other sites in their biography -- you can see an example in my AWS IQ profile.
  • In the "About" section of a project on GitHub you can add a link to your website or to the project website if it's hosted elsewhere.
  • BuiltIn -- "Built In is a national community united around a shared passion for tech, offering content and career opportunities, whether you want to work at home or in office." -- see, for example, companies built in Washington, DC.

Guest Posting, Writing, Blogging Ideas

Technical Search Engine Optimization (Technical SEO) Articles and Videos

Technical Search Engine Optimization (Technical SEO) Testing Tools

SEO Tools

On-Page SEO Tools

Local SEO Tools

  • Moz Local -- Moz Local helps you easily create and manage your local business listings on Google, Facebook, and other sites to help consumers find and choose your business; see also: What is Local SEO?.
  • Surfer Local -- Surfer Local is a tool for analyzing competitors and generating strategies for growing business.

Local SEO

Keyword Research Tools

Event Announcements

  • Moz Local has a publish button -- TBD regarding how effective this is at event announcements.
  • Google My Business -> Posts -> Add Event
  • LinkedIn
  • Slack Communities
  • 13 Ways to Use Facebook Events for Your Brand

Other Tools

  • tiny jpg -- Don't assume that images are compressed prior to uploading them. Uncompressed images can place a significant drag on a web server so it will behoove you to compress the image before uploading it.
  • BuiltWith -- Find out what websites are built with.
  • 15 Awesome SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

SEO Communities

See Also

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