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SSHKeyDistribut0r has been written to make SSH key distribution easier for sysop teams.


How to use


pip install SSHKeyDistribut0r

Create configuration files

First, copy the YAML sample files to your users config directory and customize them.

The sample files should be in $HOME/.local/share/SSHKeyDistribut0r/config_sample, /usr/local/share/SSHKeyDistribut0r/config_sample or /usr/share/SSHKeyDistribut0r/config_sample

The config files need to be copied to $USER_CONFIG_DIR/SSHKeyDistribut0r/ ($HOME/.config/... on most Linux systems, check SSHKeyDistribut0r -h for the location on your system)

The keys.yml file has to contain all users which are used in the servers.yml file. Every entry in the YML structure requires the following attributes: The fullname is a string value to mention the full name of a person. keys is a list of SSH keys in the format ssh-rsa <KEY> <comment>.

The servers.yml file contains all servers with the specified user permissions. It consists of a list of dictionaries with the following attributes:

  • ip: String value in the format XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
  • port: Integer value which specifies the SSH port
  • user: String value which specifies the system user to log in.
  • comment: String value to describe the system
  • authorized_users: List of strings which specify a user. Every user has to be declared in the keys.yml file as a key.


Run SSHKeyDistribut0r to distribute your SSH keys :)

Note, that a pre-installed public key on the server side with a corresponding private key (without a passphrase or pre-loaded into a local key agent) is required for SSHKeyDistribut0r to work.


  • --dry-run/-n: To verify your configuration whithout actually applying those changes.
  • --keys/-k: Custom path to keys file
  • --server/-s: Custom path to server file

New Release

Build Python Package

  • Update
  • Update version in
  • Update
  • Install package builder: pip install build
  • Build package: python -m build
  • Installation: pip install ./dist/SSHKeyDistribut0r-<version>.tar.gz
  • Do tests

Upload to PyPI

  • Install twine: pip install twine
  • Upload: twine upload ./dist/SSHKeyDistribut0r-<version>.tar.gz

Git Stuff

  • git add .
  • Commit new version: git commit -m "Version x.x.x"
  • git push
  • git checkout master
  • Update master branch: git merge develop
  • git push
  • Set version tag: git tag x.x.x
  • git push --tags

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