Fullstack Apollo Express Postgresql Boilerplate

💥 A sophisticated GraphQL with Apollo, Express and PostgreSQL boilerplate project.
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Fullstack Apollo Express Postgresql Boilerplate976
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💥 A sophisticated GraphQL with Apollo, Express and PostgreSQL boilerplate project.
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Alternatives To Fullstack Apollo Express Postgresql Boilerplate
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A full-fledged Apollo Server with Apollo Client starter project with React and Express. Read more about it in this tutorial to build it yourself.

Family of universal fullstack repositories:

Server Applications:

Client Applications:

Features of Client + Server

  • React (create-react-app) with Apollo Client
    • Queries, Mutations, Subscriptions
  • Node.js with Express and Apollo Server
    • cursor-based Pagination
  • PostgreSQL Database with Sequelize
    • entities: users, messages
  • Authentication
    • powered by JWT and local storage
    • Sign Up, Sign In, Sign Out
  • Authorization
    • protected endpoint (e.g. verify valid session)
    • protected resolvers (e.g. e.g. session-based, role-based)
    • protected routes (e.g. session-based, role-based)
  • performance optimizations
    • example of using Facebook's dataloader
  • E2E testing


  • git clone [email protected]:the-road-to-graphql/fullstack-apollo-express-postgresql-boilerplate.git
  • cd fullstack-apollo-express-postgresql-boilerplate
  • touch .env
  • npm install
  • fill out .env file (see below)
  • start PostgreSQL database
  • npm start
  • visit http://localhost:8000 for GraphQL playground

.env file

Since this boilerplate project is using PostgreSQL, you have to install it for your machine and get a database up and running. You find everything for the set up over here: Setup PostgreSQL with Sequelize in Express Tutorial. After you have created a database and a database user, you can fill out the environment variables in the server/.env file.




The SECRET is just a random string for your authentication. Keep all these information secure by adding the .env file to your .gitignore file. No third-party should have access to this information.


  • adjust test:run-server npm script with TEST_DATABASE environment variable in package.json to match your testing database name
    • to match it from package.json: createdb mytestdatabase with psql
  • one terminal: npm run test:run-server
  • second terminal: npm run test:execute-test

Want to learn more about React + GraphQL + Apollo?

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