A small macro and stylesheet for Twine to add fullscreen HTML5 video to passages.
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AirPlay from Google Chrome - send YouTube, Vimeo and (almost) any HTML5 video to AppleTV via AirPlay
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🦋 vLitejs is a fast and lightweight Javascript library for customizing video and audio player in Javascript with a minimalist theme (HTML5, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion)
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8 months ago10July 21, 202213JavaScript
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Advanced Responsive Video Embedder34
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3 years ago39otherJavaScript
Pluggable JavaScript web player
8 years agogpl-3.0JavaScript
A small macro and stylesheet for Twine to add fullscreen HTML5 video to passages.
Alternatives To Twine_fullscreen_youtube
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A small macro and stylesheet for Twine to add fullscreen HTML5 video to passages.

What is this?

This is a JavaScript macro for Twine.

For more about Twine visit:

Why do this?

I wanted to be able to use YouTube videos in a story, and it seemed like other people wanted to do this too.

What does it look like?

I put up an example story about myself over at the Tilde Club:

The Twine file used to create this story is also available in this repository.

How do I do this?

  • Get Twine
  • Install the script from this repository into your story.
  • Add or merge the styles into your story's styles.
  • Use the macros as outlined below.

How do I use the macros?

There are three macros you can use:


Insert this macro to play a video from the beginning. The macro takes one parameter, the Video ID of the YouTube video.


This macro takes an additional parameter, which is the number of seconds to jump forward into the video to begin playing.


This macro takes no parameters. If used in a passage immediately following a passage with either of the above two video playing macros, it will stop the video and hide the player.

Something's wrong

Here are some things I discovered:

  • If videos aren't jumping to a spot you want them to, try logging out of YouTube, especially if they are your own videos.

  • Try "Incognito Mode" or "Safe Browsing" in your browser to try to preview how others may view your story.

  • Some videos aren't available for embedding.

  • Some vides that have embedding may only work if you are hosting your Twine story on a web server.

  • Videos do not play on mobile devices because the YouTube API does not automatically start videos so as to save mobile plan data usage, and there doesn't seem to be a way around this.

  • Sugarcube uses a slightly different way of defining scripts, so I have supplied separate script and style files to use with that Twine target.

If none of these tips apply, feel free to submit a bug, or contact me via Twitter @th0ma5

Thank you

To hoopy froods out there who have told me this works for them, that liked the example story, and suggested improvements. Thank you!!

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