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Electron wrapper around YouTube Music featuring:

  • Native look & feel, aims at keeping the original interface
  • Framework for custom plugins: change YouTube Music to your needs (style, content, features), enable/disable plugins in one click


You can check out the latest release to quickly find the latest version.

Arch Linux

Install the youtube-music-bin package from the AUR. For AUR installation instructions, take a look at this wiki page.

Available plugins:

  • Ad Blocker: Block all ads and tracking out of the box

  • Audio Compressor: Apply compression to audio (lowers the volume of the loudest parts of the signal and raises the volume of the softest parts)

  • Blur Nav Bar: makes navigation bar transparent and blurry

  • Bypass age restrictions: bypass YouTube's age verification

  • Disable Autoplay: Makes every song start in "paused" mode

  • Discord: Show your friends what you listen to with Rich Presence

  • Downloader: downloads MP3 directly from the interface (youtube-dl)

  • Exponential Volume: Makes the volume slider exponential so it's easier to select lower volumes.

  • In-App Menu: gives bars a fancy, dark look

    (see this post if you have problem accessing the menu after enabling this plugin and hide-menu option)

  • Scrobbles support

  • Lyrics Genius: Adds lyrics support for most songs

  • Navigation: Next/Back navigation arrows directly integrated in the interface, like in your favorite browser

  • No Google Login: Remove Google login buttons and links from the interface

  • Notifications: Display a notification when a song starts playing (interactive notifications are available on windows)

  • Picture in picture: allows to switch the app to picture-in-picture mode

  • Playback Speed: Listen fast, listen slow! Adds a slider that controls song speed

  • Precise Volume: Control the volume precisely using mousewheel/hotkeys, with a custom hud and customizable volume steps

  • Quality Changer: Allows changing the video quality with a button on the video overlay

  • Shortcuts: Allows setting global hotkeys for playback (play/pause/next/previous) + disable media osd by overriding media keys + enable Ctrl/CMD + F to search + enable linux mpris support for mediakeys + custom hotkeys for advanced users

  • Skip-Silences - Automatically skip silenced sections

  • SponsorBlock: Automatically Skips non-music parts like intro/outro or parts of music videos where the song isn't playing

  • Taskbar Media Control: Control playback from your Windows taskbar

  • Touchbar: Custom TouchBar layout for macOS

  • Tuna-OBS: Integration with OBS's plugin Tuna

  • Video Toggle: Adds a button to switch between Video/Song mode. can also optionally remove the whole video tab

  • Auto confirm when paused (Always Enabled): disable the "Continue Watching?" popup that pause music after a certain time

If using Hide Menu option - you can show the menu with the alt key (or escape if using the in-app-menu plugin)


git clone
cd youtube-music
yarn start

Build your own plugins

Using plugins, you can:

  • manipulate the app - the BrowserWindow from electron is passed to the plugin handler
  • change the front by manipulating the HTML/CSS

Creating a plugin

Create a folder in plugins/YOUR-PLUGIN-NAME:

  • if you need to manipulate the BrowserWindow, create a file back.js with the following template:
module.exports = win => {
	// win is the BrowserWindow object
  • if you need to change the front, create a file front.js with the following template:
module.exports = () => {
	// This function will be called as a preload script
	// So you can use front features like `document.querySelector`

Common use cases

  • injecting custom CSS: create a style.css file in the same folder then:
const path = require("path");
const { injectCSS } = require("../utils");

// back.js
module.exports = win => {
	injectCSS(win.webContents, path.join(__dirname, "style.css"));
  • changing the HTML:
// front.js
module.exports = () => {
	// Remove the login button
  • communicating between the front and back: can be done using the ipcMain module from electron. See utils.js file and example in navigation plugin.


yarn build

Builds the app for macOS, Linux, and Windows, using electron-builder.


yarn test

Uses Playwright to test the app.


MIT th-ch

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