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Yahoo! Finance market data downloader

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Ever since Yahoo! finance <>_ decommissioned their historical data API, many programs that relied on it to stop working.

yfinance aims to solve this problem by offering a reliable, threaded, and Pythonic way to download historical market data from Yahoo! finance.


The library was originally named ``fix-yahoo-finance``, but
I've since renamed it to ``yfinance`` as I no longer consider it a mere "fix".
For reasons of backward-compatibility, ``fix-yahoo-finance`` now import and
uses ``yfinance``, but you should install and use ``yfinance`` directly.

`Changelog » <./CHANGELOG.rst>`__


==> Check out this `Blog post <>`_ for a detailed tutorial with code examples.


Quick Start

The Ticker module

The Ticker module, which allows you to access ticker data in a more Pythonic way:

Note: yahoo finance datetimes are received as UTC.

.. code:: python

import yfinance as yf

msft = yf.Ticker("MSFT")

# get stock info

# get historical market data
hist = msft.history(period="max")

# show actions (dividends, splits)

# show dividends

# show splits

# show financials

# show major holders

# show institutional holders

# show balance sheet

# show cashflow

# show earnings

# show sustainability

# show analysts recommendations

# show next event (earnings, etc)

# show ISIN code - *experimental*
# ISIN = International Securities Identification Number

# show options expirations

# get option chain for specific expiration
opt = msft.option_chain('YYYY-MM-DD')
# data available via: opt.calls, opt.puts

If you want to use a proxy server for downloading data, use:

.. code:: python

import yfinance as yf

msft = yf.Ticker("MSFT")

msft.history(..., proxy="PROXY_SERVER")
msft.option_chain(..., proxy="PROXY_SERVER")

To use a custom requests session (for example to cache calls to the API or customize the User-agent header), pass a session= argument to the Ticker constructor.

.. code:: python

import requests_cache
session = requests_cache.CachedSession('yfinance.cache')
session.headers['User-agent'] = 'my-program/1.0'
ticker = yf.Ticker('msft aapl goog', session=session)
# The scraped response will be stored in the cache

To initialize multiple Ticker objects, use

.. code:: python

import yfinance as yf

tickers = yf.Tickers('msft aapl goog')
# ^ returns a named tuple of Ticker objects

# access each ticker using (example)

Fetching data for multiple tickers

.. code:: python

    import yfinance as yf
    data ="SPY AAPL", start="2017-01-01", end="2017-04-30")

I've also added some options to make life easier :)

.. code:: python

    data =  # or pdr.get_data_yahoo(...
            # tickers list or string as well
            tickers = "SPY AAPL MSFT",

            # use "period" instead of start/end
            # valid periods: 1d,5d,1mo,3mo,6mo,1y,2y,5y,10y,ytd,max
            # (optional, default is '1mo')
            period = "ytd",

            # fetch data by interval (including intraday if period < 60 days)
            # valid intervals: 1m,2m,5m,15m,30m,60m,90m,1h,1d,5d,1wk,1mo,3mo
            # (optional, default is '1d')
            interval = "1m",

            # group by ticker (to access via data['SPY'])
            # (optional, default is 'column')
            group_by = 'ticker',

            # adjust all OHLC automatically
            # (optional, default is False)
            auto_adjust = True,

            # download pre/post regular market hours data
            # (optional, default is False)
            prepost = True,

            # use threads for mass downloading? (True/False/Integer)
            # (optional, default is True)
            threads = True,

            # proxy URL scheme use use when downloading?
            # (optional, default is None)
            proxy = None

Managing Multi-Level Columns

The following answer on Stack Overflow is for `How to deal with multi-level column names downloaded with yfinance? <>`_

* ``yfinance`` returns a ``pandas.DataFrame`` with multi-level column names, with a level for the ticker and a level for the stock price data

  * The answer discusses:

    * How to correctly read the the multi-level columns after saving the dataframe to a csv with ``pandas.DataFrame.to_csv``
    * How to download single or multiple tickers into a single dataframe with single level column names and a ticker column

``pandas_datareader`` override

If your code uses ``pandas_datareader`` and you want to download data faster,
you can "hijack" ```` method to use
**yfinance** while making sure the returned data is in the same format as
**pandas_datareader**'s ``get_data_yahoo()``.

.. code:: python

    from pandas_datareader import data as pdr

    import yfinance as yf
    yf.pdr_override() # <== that's all it takes :-)

    # download dataframe
    data = pdr.get_data_yahoo("SPY", start="2017-01-01", end="2017-04-30")


Install ``yfinance`` using ``pip``:

.. code:: bash

    $ pip install yfinance --upgrade --no-cache-dir

To install ``yfinance`` using ``conda``, see `this <>`_.


* `Python <>`_ >= 2.7, 3.4+
* `Pandas <>`_ (tested to work with >=0.23.1)
* `Numpy <>`_ >= 1.11.1
* `requests <>`_ >= 2.14.2
* `lxml <>`_ >= 4.5.1

Optional (if you want to use ``pandas_datareader``)

* `pandas_datareader <>`_ >= 0.4.0

Legal Stuff

**yfinance** is distributed under the **Apache Software License**. See the `LICENSE.txt <./LICENSE.txt>`_ file in the release for details.


Please drop me an note with any feedback you have.

**Ran Aroussi**

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