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Making money is not your purpose in life.
6:26 PM 路 Feb 8, 2021 tweet

Never forget where you come from so you'll remember to help those who come after you.
8:40 PM 路 Aug 26, 2020 tweet

Don't take all the credit. Leave some for those doing the work.
7:09 PM 路 Apr 9, 2020

We spend too much time trying to make money.
10:38 PM 路 Mar 15, 2020

Once you've found success, your next goal should be helping others do the same.
11:58 PM - 19 Oct 2018

What skills should I invest in?
People skills.
No. I mean what tools and best practices should I learn?
Learn what respect is. Then use it on everyone around you.
8:08 PM - 26 Jun 2018

Slow down so you can speed up.
3:15 AM 路 Mar 26, 2018

The best you can do is solve the problems of today based on what you learned yesterday. Keep learning and stay humble.
12:34 PM - 27 Nov 2016

When people disagree with you, don't miss the opportunity to listen, and possibly learn from them.
7:26 PM 路 May 8, 2020

Pay attention because ignorance is expensive.
5:43 PM 路 May 29, 2020


At some point I made the decision to focus on foundational concepts; not features of a particular implementation; my tech career took off.
10:33 PM 路 Jan 31, 2017

2020 prediction: Monolithic applications will be back in style after people discover the drawbacks of distributed monolithic applications.
6:40 PM 路 Dec 11, 2017

People try to copy Netflix, but they can only copy what they see. You are copying the results, not the process. @adrianco #softwarecircus
11:08 AM 路 Sep 10, 2015 tweet

You haven't mastered a tool until you understand when it should not be used.
5:02 PM 路 Feb 13, 2018

As an industry we tend to build overly complex solutions and dedicate our careers justifying their existence. This typically results in technical debt and ultimately bankruptcy.
8:47 AM - 14 Feb 2019

Selling complexity will eventually cost you.
5:06 PM - 14 Feb 2019

Treating containers like a black box will eventually leave you in the dark.
7:52 AM - 22 Jun 2018

Distributed systems are hard. You can bootstrap one in 10 minutes, but it's going to take a real time investment to understand how it works.
6:35 AM - 4 Aug 2016

My journey to FaaS has been less about learning something new and more about unlearning something old.
7:53 AM - 22 Aug 2018

Autoscaling. It's much harder than people think. Imaging trying to autoscale containers and the underlying VMs? Ever played musical chairs?
9:51 PM - 15 Dec 2016

It was much easier to deal with storage on VMs because things were fairly static; container management platforms changes everything.
9:48 PM - 15 Dec 2016

Container networking is fundamentally incompatible with current IaaS offerings, and introduces a ton of complexity.
9:42 PM - 15 Dec 2016

service mess /藞s蓹rv蓹s mes/

1. the result of spending more compute resources than your actual business logic dynamically generating and distributing Envoy proxy configs and TLS certificates.
12:43 AM 路 Jul 14, 2019

There is no single continuous integration and delivery setup that will work for everyone. You are essentially trying to automate your company's culture using bash scripts.
5:59 PM 路 20 nov. 2017

They鈥檙e just making CRDs for everything. There are CRDs to take a shower. I鈥檓 like 鈥淒ude, no. You just literally go take a shower. You don鈥檛 need to do kubectl apply. Take a shower! Like, come on, we鈥檙e going a little bit too far鈥︹
Recorded Jan 7, 2020

Maintaining an open-source project is like being a Flight Attendant for an airline where all tickets are free and the majority of customer surveys offer suggestions on how to fly the airplane.
4:41 PM 路 Jan 30, 2018

Landing is only available in the Enterprise version.

Upper management making all the technology decisions is like your parents buying your school clothes... without you.
9:23 PM 路 Sep 5, 2017

Screwdrivers are going to make hammers obsolete. Silly right? That's what most tech discussions turn into.
5:34 PM 路 Dec 20, 2017

Every product should start with the "cli deploy" happy path and then leverage configmaps to customize the install further. You'll have to build components that can watch config and automatically adjust. That's the holy grail, everything else feels like a workaround.
4:40 AM 路 May 28, 2020

If you're stuck on-prem, and starting to feel like you missed out on the cloud native movement, just start calling it "edge" and consider your digital transformation complete.
7:26 PM 路 Sep 22, 2020

Microservices are probably closer to like, trying to be a politician with no experience on how to govern 100 million people.
October 20th, 2020 Stackoverflow podcast

Move slow and fix things.
7:44 PM 路 Oct 26, 2020


Pace setters (marathon example)

Keynote: Reflections - KubeCon Nov. 2019

all of us are just pace setters...
it's not about where you rank on the contribution list...
it's not about how big your sponsorship is...
you come in, you help set the pace and it's ok to step aside for a moment and make room for the next person to push the thing forward...
you can always remember that you did your part to move the whole project forward...
you will always be a part of history no matter how big or how small your contribution was...
it's not a race if we're all on the same team

On being debt-free | time/money | success | seniority

Hashiconf 2020 - Kelsey Hightower Fireside Chat

...that was a milestone when I said now I'm free I'm never going down this road again. I don't care about buying fancy clothes or shoes or watches or cars I am done with the trying to impress everybody else. I'm finished with that and that was the first milestone that lets me focus on everything else...

...once you start to understand that time is probably worth more than money, then you treat both differently...

...when I wake up I like to believe that I'm successful because of the work that I do. I like to believe that I'm successful for the value that I brought to me and others... is important to share the success because I always tell people there's no way you succeed by yourself's a weird definition to say I'm a senior engineer but the thing is you can be a mature engineer and be humble enough to know that it's gonna be a cycle. You're gonna be really good at stuff and they're going to be new to stuff and you should always try to go and figure out a world where you can be new to stuff. Okay that's how you're going to grow.

Be careful, not to go out and get 20 years of one-year experience. You only have a limited time to make an impact, think about using it wisely...

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