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Free Offline-first Password Manager for MacOS, Windows and Linux.

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  • Store Login/Password credentials
  • Credit card Information
  • Secure notes to store sensitive information
  • One-click Strong Password Generation
  • Time-based One Time Passwords support (TOTP)
  • Google Drive Sync (optional)
  • No data is leaving your computer:
    • Everything is encrypted, stored and decrypted on your local file system
    • Decryption happens once on entering Master Password
    • Ability to migrate from one computer to another using backup file or GDrive sync
  • There's more to come...





Check Latest Releases page for recent version of packaged app for MacOS, Windows or Linux.

Alternatively you can build app yourself:

git clone [email protected]:swiftyapp/swifty.git
yarn install
bozon package mac


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GNU/GPL Version 3

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