A lightweight LDAP server for development, home use, or CI
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Glauth1,92932 months ago20February 28, 202263mitGo
A lightweight LDAP server for development, home use, or CI
Rogue Jndi769
a year ago7mitJava
A malicious LDAP server for JNDI injection attacks
Nginx Auth Ldap706
6 months ago149bsd-2-clauseC
LDAP authentication module for nginx
8 years agoapache-2.0PHP
Authentication layer for a YaCy webclient
Nginx Ldap Auth640
3 months ago26bsd-2-clausePython
Example of LDAP authentication using ngx_http_auth_request_module
Ssh Key Authority385
a year ago17apache-2.0PHP
A tool for managing SSH key access to any number of servers.
Ccs Calendarserver363
3 years ago53apache-2.0Python
The Calendar and Contacts Server.
5 years ago2Go
Secure login distribution service
Mattermost Ldap308
2 months ago33mitPHP
This module provides an external LDAP authentication in Mattermost for the Team Edition (free).
2 years ago36PHP
NetBoot and Software Update Server
Alternatives To Glauth
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GLAuth: LDAP authentication server for developers

Go-lang LDAP Authentication (GLAuth) is a secure, easy-to-use, LDAP server w/ configurable backends.

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  • Centrally manage accounts across your infrastructure
  • Centrally manage SSH keys, Linux accounts, and passwords for cloud servers.
  • Lightweight alternative to OpenLDAP and Active Directory for development, or a homelab.
  • Store your user directory in a file, local or in S3; SQL database; or proxy to existing LDAP servers.
  • Two Factor Authentication (transparent to applications)
  • Multiple backends can be chained to inject features

Use it to centralize account management across your Linux servers, your OSX machines, and your support applications (Jenkins, Apache/Nginx, Graylog2, and many more!).


👉 The latest version of GLauth's documentation is available at 👈


Get started in three short steps


glauth: securely expose your LDAP for external auth

  glauth [options] -c <file|s3url>
  glauth -h --help
  glauth --version

  -c, --config <file>       Config file.
  -K <aws_key_id>           AWS Key ID.
  -S <aws_secret_key>       AWS Secret Key.
  -r <aws_region>           AWS Region [default: us-east-1].
  --ldap <address>          Listen address for the LDAP server.
  --ldaps <address>         Listen address for the LDAPS server.
  --ldaps-cert <cert-file>  Path to cert file for the LDAPS server.
  --ldaps-key <key-file>    Path to key file for the LDAPS server.
  -h, --help                Show this screen.
  --version                 Show version.


GLAuth can be deployed as a single server using only a local configuration file. This is great for testing, or for production if you use a tool like Puppet/Chef/Ansible:

glauth -c glauth.cfg

Here's a sample config wth hardcoded users and groups:

  datastore = "config"
  baseDN = "dc=glauth,dc=com"
  name = "hackers"
  uidnumber = 5001
  primarygroup = 5501
  passsha256 = "6478579e37aff45f013e14eeb30b3cc56c72ccdc310123bcdf53e0333e3f416a"   # dogood
  sshkeys = [ "ssh-dss AAAAB3..." ]
  name = "uberhackers"
  uidnumber = 5006
  primarygroup = 5501
  passbcrypt = "243261243130244B62463462656F7265504F762E794F324957746D656541326B4B46596275674A79336A476845764B616D65446169784E41384F4432"   # dogood
  name = "superheros"
  gidnumber = 5501

More configuration options are documented here and in this sample file


For advanced users, GLAuth supports pluggable backends. Currently, it can use a local file, S3 or an existing LDAP infrastructure. Through the use of optional plugins, you can connect SQL databases, PAM, and other datastores.

  datastore = "ldap"
  servers = [ "ldaps://server1:636", "ldaps://server2:636" ]

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