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Site engine with blog, forum and articles sections.
Build on AspNet Core, VueJS, Quasar.



  • Ability to create blog
  • Create a forum with sections
  • Create articles and articles sections
  • Ability to comment on any materials on the site
  • Creating a user profile on the site
  • User’s personal account with the ability to edit user information and personal data
  • Administration through the admin panel
  • Ability to create and modify skins for the site, a choice of already done skins.

Thoughtful and friendly interface

  • A one-page application with a modern and beautiful interface.
  • Works on personal computers, tablets, mobile phones.
  • In the future, possibility to compile as a native application of Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.

Quick and fast

  • A one-page application loads only what you need, without unnecessary requests (SPA).
  • Quick access to data based on linq2db.
  • Efficient and custom caching.

Flexible role settings

  • The ability to flexibly configure the rights of user groups for each section of the site.

Functional Admin

  • Ability to create
    • Blogs
    • Forums
    • Articles sections
    • Creating subsections
  • Interactive editing of site menu, as well as additional menus
  • Switch basic and additional skins
  • User groups and changing their permissions
  • Creating site activities Sections
  • And other features...


The project based on modern front edge technologies:

  • Asp.Net Core 3.1
  • VueJs - SPA client part
  • Quasar Framework - Material Design VueJs Sections
  • PostgreSQL - database (in the future, other SQL db engines)
  • Linq2db ORM - database access


  • Developed using latest technologies of privacy and security.
  • An innovative authorization system based on three tokens to protect against interception of authorization data, from XSS and CSRF attacks.
  • AES encryption to protect authorization tokens.
  • Cleaning text data on the server from malicious scripts.
  • HTTPS secure protocol.
  • Protection against flood requests
    • Filters against duplicate publication requests.
    • Captcha on critical areas.
  • Defense mechanisms against many malicious attack types.


High Quality

  • Made with love ❤
  • Quality code and architecture.



Developer School

Dmitrij Polianin Developer school on Russian

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