Tf Speech Recognition Challenge Solution

Source code of the model used in Tensorflow Speech Recognition Challenge ( The solution ranked in top 5% in private leaderboard.
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TF Speech Recognition Challenge

Tensorflow Speech Recognition Challenge was a Kaggle competition organised by Google Brain to use the Speech Commands Dataset to build an algorithm that understands simple spoken commands.

This solution achieved a rank of 63 on private leaderboard (top 5%).

Project Structure

  • data
    • raw
      • train (Training audio files)
      • test (Test audio files used for evaluation
  • libs
    • classification (All scripts used for training and evaluation)
  • notebooks
  • scripts (Executable scripts)
  • models (Pretrained Models)


  1. Tensorflow 1.4
  2. librosa
  3. scikit-learn
  4. Python 3.x


Download the Speech Commands Dataset and extract the dataset in the train folder. Test Audio can be placed in data/test/audio folder.

The notebooks can be run individually using Jupyter. To run the scripts from command line edit the notebooks using Jupyter and run:


and select the notebook to run. The results are stored in results/notebook_name.log

P0 Predict Test WAV.ipynb can be used to predict audio files using a trained graphdef model.


Models used

  1. A variant of Convolutional LSTM (
  2. LSTM-L (
  3. C-RNN (
  4. GRU-L (
  5. Resnet


The model was trained using a GCP instance with the following specifications:

  • NVIDIA Tesla P100 X 1
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 35 GB SSD

Most of the models converged in 30k steps. Pseudo Labelling on test data was used to improve the model performance.


The final model was a ensemble 13 models. Weighted Averaging and Stacking was used to generate the final predictions.


  1. ML-KWS-for-MCU (ARM-software/ML-KWS-for-MCU)
  2. Very Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Robust Speech Recognition (
  3. Speech Commands Dataset (

If you like this project or have any queries don't hesitate to send an email to [email protected]

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