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GoAltdns is a permutation generation tool that can take a list of subdomains, permute them using a wordlist, insert indexes, numbers, dashes and increase your chance of finding that estoeric subdomain that no-one found during bug-bounty or pentest. It uses a number of techniques to accomplish this. It can allow for discovery of subdomains that conform to patterns. GoAltdns takes in words that could be present in subdomains under a domain (such as test, dev, staging) as well as takes in a list of subdomains that you know of.

The tool itself is very simple and is built with golang concurrency providing it very quick execution times.

Installation Instructions

The installation is easy. Just go get the repo.

go get

Note - You need to copy the words.txt file into the same directory as the tool or specify it's location via the -w flag.


If you wish to upgrade the package you can use:

go get -u


GoAltdns can read hosts directly from standard input, or either take a single host as argument, or a list of hosts. To provide a single host, you can use the -h option. In order to provide a list of hosts, you can use the -l option.

Sample run:

[email protected]:~/tmp/goaltdns$ ./altdns -host

Sample run reading from stdin:

[email protected]:~/tmp/goaltdns$ echo | ./altdns

You can pass custom wordlists using the -w option. Currently, it uses words.txt taken from here.

By default, goaltdns writes to the standard output. If you want to save the results to a file, you can use -o flag with the name of then file to write to it.

[email protected]:~/tmp/goaltdns$ ./altdns -l ~/uberinternal -o output.txt

This will render a blank console but the tool will still write to the output file.


GoAltdns is made with 🖤 by Subfinder team.

See the License file for more details.


GoAltdns is heavily inspired from original altdns by @infosec_au and @nnwakelam. Thanks to them and their awesome research. Also, the wordlist is taken from haccer

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