A GraphQL library for Python that leverages type annotations 🍓
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Parse Server20,2751,1408917 hours ago220September 20, 2022405apache-2.0JavaScript
Parse Server for Node.js / Express
Apollo Server13,3695,3261,1532 days ago305August 26, 202241mitTypeScript
🌍  Spec-compliant and production ready JavaScript GraphQL server that lets you develop in a schema-first way. Built for Express, Connect, Hapi, Koa, and more.
Graphql Shield3,448
a month ago89mitTypeScript
🛡 A GraphQL tool to ease the creation of permission layer.
Vulcain3,35824 months ago15October 14, 202122agpl-3.0Go
Fast and idiomatic client-driven REST APIs.
17 hours ago380mitPython
A GraphQL library for Python that leverages type annotations 🍓
5 years ago36JavaScript
:hamburger: like meteor, but meatier :hamburger:
Async Graphql2,87452a day ago386September 26, 2022104apache-2.0Rust
A GraphQL server library implemented in Rust
Ariadne2,029102921 hours ago34April 22, 202249bsd-3-clausePython
Python library for implementing GraphQL servers using schema-first approach.
Graphpack1,9921212 years ago14February 26, 201934mitJavaScript
☄️ A minimalistic zero-config GraphQL server.
Json Graphql Server1,857405a day ago21August 24, 202211mitJavaScript
Get a full fake GraphQL API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds.
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Strawberry GraphQL

Python GraphQL library based on dataclasses

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Installation ( Quick Start )

The quick start method provides a server and CLI to get going quickly. Install with:

pip install "strawberry-graphql[debug-server]"

Getting Started

Create a file called with the following code:

import strawberry

class User:
    name: str
    age: int

class Query:
    def user(self) -> User:
        return User(name="Patrick", age=100)

schema = strawberry.Schema(query=Query)

This will create a GraphQL schema defining a User type and a single query field user that will return a hardcoded user.

To run the debug server run the following command:

strawberry server app

Open the debug server by clicking on the following link:

This will open GraphiQL where you can test the API.


Strawberry comes with a mypy plugin that enables statically type-checking your GraphQL schema. To enable it, add the following lines to your mypy.ini configuration:

plugins = strawberry.ext.mypy_plugin

Django Integration

A Django view is provided for adding a GraphQL endpoint to your application.

  1. Add the app to your INSTALLED_APPS.
    ...,  # your other apps
  1. Add the view to your file.
from strawberry.django.views import GraphQLView
from .schema import schema

urlpatterns = [
    path("graphql", GraphQLView.as_view(schema=schema)),


To support graphql Subscriptions over WebSockets you need to provide a WebSocket enabled server. The debug server can be made to support WebSockets with these commands:

pip install 'strawberry-graphql[debug-server]'
pip install 'uvicorn[standard]'



We use poetry to manage dependencies, to get started follow these steps:

git clone
cd strawberry
poetry install
poetry run pytest

This will install all the dependencies (including dev ones) and run the tests.

Pre commit

We have a configuration for pre-commit, to add the hook run the following command:

pre-commit install



The code in this project is licensed under MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.

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