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A leaflet control plugin to make simple rotating compass

Tested in Leaflet 0.7 and 1.2

require HTML5 API on mobile device!

Tested platforms:

  • Chrome on Android
  • Safari on iOS

Demo online:



Adding the Compass Control to the map:

map.addControl( new L.Control.Compass() );


Option Default Description
autoActive false activate control at startup
showDigit false show angle value bottom compass
textErr '' error message on alert notification
callErr null function that run on compass error activating
angleOffset 2 min angle deviation before rotate, big angleOffset is need for device have noise in orientation sensor
position 'topright' position of control inside map


Method Arguments Description
autoActive false activate control at startup
getAngle return Azimut angle
setAngle angle set rotation compass
activate active tracking on runtime
deactivate deactive tracking on runtime


Event Data Description
'compass:rotated' angle fired after compass data is rotated
'compass:disabled' fired when compass is disabled


Source code:

Atmosphere NPM

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