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Terraform on AWS EKS Kubernetes IaC SRE- 50 Real-World Demos


Course Modules

  1. Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  2. Terraform Install Tools, Command and Language Basics
  3. Terraform Settings, Providers and Resources
  4. Terraform Input Variables, Output Values, Datasources
  5. Terraform Loops, MetaArguments, Splat Operator and Functions
  6. AWS VPC 3-Tier Architecture Design using Terraform
  7. Bastion Host AWS EC2 Instances, Security Groups, TF Provisioners with Terraform
  8. AWS EKS Cluster, Public and Private Node Groups using Terraform
  9. Kubernetes Fundamentals
  10. Kubernetes Deployment and Service using YAML
  11. Terraform Kubernetes Provider - Kubernetes Deployment & Service
  12. Terraform Remote State Storage - AWS S3 & DynamoDB
  13. AWS EKS IAM Roles for Service Accounts (IRSA) using Terraform
  14. AWS EKS EBS CSI Driver Install with Self-Managed AddOn Option using Terraform
  15. AWS EKS EBS Demo using k8s YAML (UserMgmt WebApp with MySQL DB)
  16. AWS EKS EBS Demo using k8s Terraform (UserMgmt WebApp with MySQL DB)
  17. AWS EKS EBS Volumes Retain and Resize Settings
  18. AWS EBS CSI EKS Add-On
  19. Provision AWS IAM Admin User as EKS Admin
  20. Provision AWS IAM Basic User as EKS Admin
  21. Provision of AWS Users (Admin & Basic) as EKS Admins using Terraform
  22. Provision EKS Admins using IAM Roles & IAM Groups
  23. Provision EKS Admins using IAM Roles & IAM Groups using Terraform
  24. Provision EKS ReadOnly User using IAM Roles, Groups & k8s CR, CRB
  25. Provision EKS Developer Users using IAM Roles, Groups & k8s R, RB
  26. AWS Load Balancer Controller Install using Terraform Helm Provider
  27. Ingress Basics - Automate with Terraform
  28. Ingress Context Path based Routing - Automate with Terraform
  29. Ingress SSL and SSL Redirect - Automate with Terraform
  30. Install ExternalDNS using Terraform Helm Provider
  31. Ingress with ExternalDNS - Automate with Terraform
  32. Kubernetes LB Service with ExternalDNS - Automate with Terraform
  33. Ingress Name based Virtual Host Routing- Automate with Terraform
  34. Ingress SSL Discovery Host
  35. Ingress SSL Discovery TLS
  36. Ingress Groups - Automate with Terraform
  37. Ingress Target Type IP - Automate with Terraform
  38. Ingress Internal Load Balancer - Automate with Terraform
  39. Ingress Cross Namespaces - Automate with Terraform
  40. AWS Network Load Balancer with AWS Load Balancer Controller
  41. AWS NLB TLS, External DNS with AWS LBC - Automate with Terraform
  42. AWS NLB Internal LB with AWS LBC - Automate with Terraform
  43. AWS EKS Fargate Profiles using Terraform
  44. Run EKS Workloads on AWS Fargate - Automate with Terraform
  45. AWS Fargate Only EKS Cluster using Terraform
  46. AWS EFS CSI Controller Install using Terraform Helm Provider
  47. AWS EFS Static Provisioning - Automate with Terraform
  48. AWS EFS Dynamic Provisioning - Automate with Terraform
  49. AWS EFS File System Mount for Fargate Workloads
  50. Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler Controller Install
  51. Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler Controller Test
  52. Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaling with Terraform
  53. Kubernetes Vertical Pod Autoscaling with Terraform
  54. AWS EKS Monitoring and Logging with kubectl
  55. AWS EKS Monitoring and Logging with Terraform

Kubernetes Concepts Covered

  1. Kubernetes Deployments
  2. Kubernetes Pods
  3. Kubernetes Service of Type LoadBalancer
  4. Kubernetes Service of Type ClusterIP
  5. Kubernetes Ingress Service
  6. Kubernetes Ingress Class
  7. Kubernetes Storage Class
  8. Kubernetes Storage Persistent Volume
  9. Kubernetes Storage Persistent Volume Claim
  10. Kubernetes RBAC
  11. Kubernetes Role
  12. Kubernetes Role Binding
  13. Kubernetes Cluster Role
  14. Kubernetes Cluster Role Binding
  15. Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler
  16. Kubernetes Vertical Pod Autoscaler
  17. Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler
  18. Kubernetes DaemonSets
  19. Kubernetes Namespaces
  20. Kubernetes Service Accounts
  21. Kubernetes Groups
  22. Kubernetes ConfigMaps
  23. Kubernetes Requests and Limits
  24. Kubernetes Worker Nodes

Terraform Concepts covered

  1. Settings Block
  2. Providers Block
  3. Multiple Providers usage
  4. Dependency Lock File Importance
  5. Resources Syntax and Behavior
  6. Resources Meta-Argument - depends_on
  7. Resources Meta-Argument - count
  8. Resources Meta-Argument - for_each
  9. Resources Meta-Argument - lifecycle
  10. Input Variables - Basics
  11. Input Variables - Assign When Prompted
  12. Input Variables - Assign with terraform.tfvars
  13. Input Variables - Assign with auto tfvars
  14. Input Variables - Lists
  15. Input Variables - Maps
  16. File Function
  17. Output Values
  18. Local Values
  19. Datasources
  20. Backends - Remote State Storage
  21. File Provisioner
  22. remote-exec Provisioner
  23. local-exec Provisioner
  24. Null Resource
  25. Modules from Public Registry
  26. element function
  27. Remote State Datasource
  28. Terraform Datasources

Terraform Providers used

  1. AWS Terraform Provider
  2. Kubernetes Terraform Provider
  3. Kubectl Terraform Provider
  4. HTTP Terraform Provider
  5. Null Terraform Provider
  6. Helm Terraform Provider

What will students learn in your course?

  • You will learn to master Terraform & Kubernetes on AWS EKS in a Real-world perspective with 55 demo's on AWS Cloud with 25+ Kubernetes and 25+ Terraform Concepts
  • You will learn Terraform Basics for 4.5 hours
  • You will build a AWS VPC 3-Tier network with Terraform
  • You will build a AWS EKS Cluster with Public and Private Node Groups with Terraform
  • You will learn Kubernetes Fundamentals for 3 hours
  • You will implement a simple kubernetes deployment and service using Terraform Kubernetes Provider
  • Understand and Implement Terraform Remote State Datasource
  • You will learn AWS EKS IRSA (IAM Roles for Service Accounts Concept) in detail and implement it with Terraform
  • You will master Kubernetes Storage concepts with AWS EBS CSI Controller by automating the whole install process with Terraform
  • You will master AWS EKS IAM Concepts with 7 detailed Demo
  • You will learn to implement AWS Load Balancer Controller Install on AWS EKS Cluster with Terraform
  • You will learn to implement 14 Ingress Service Demos (AWS Application Load Balancer) using Terraform Kubernetes Provider
  • You will learn to implement 3 Kubernetes Service Demos for AWS Load Balancer Controller
  • You will master the AWS Fargate Concepts with 3 demos including running all workloads of EKS Cluster on AWS Fargate (Fargate Only EKS Cluster)
  • You will install Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler on AWS EKS Cluster with Terraform and Test it
  • You will implement Horizontal and Vertical Pod Autoscaler Concepts with Terraform
  • You will learn to implement AWS EKS Monitoring and Logging using kubectl and Terraform

What are the requirements or prerequisites for taking your course?

  • You must have an AWS Cloud account to follow with me for hands-on activities.
  • You don't need to have any basic knowledge of Terraform. Course will get started from very very basics of Terraform and take you to very advanced levels
  • You don't need to have any basic knowledge of Kubernetes. Course will get started from very very basics of Kubernetes and take you to very advanced levels

Who is this course for?

  • Infrastructure Architects or Sysadmins or Developers who are planning to master Terraform from Real-World perspective on AWS Cloud in combination with AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (AWS EKS)
  • Any beginner who is interested in learning IaC Infrastructure as Code current trending tool Terraform with AWS Cloud

Github Repositories used for this course

Each of my courses come with

  • Amazing Hands-on Step By Step Learning Experiences
  • Real Implementation Experience
  • Friendly Support in the Q&A section
  • 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

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