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A curated list of awesome open-source applications made with Node.js. See Awesome Node.js for a curated list of packages and resources.

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  • Keystone (website) - The open source framework for developing database-driven websites, applications and APIs. Built on Express and MongoDB.
  • Pencilblue (website) - Business Class Content Management.
  • Apostrophe (website) - Apostrophe is a CMS framework that supports in-context editing, schema-driven content types, flexible widgets, and much more.
  • Cody (website) - Javascript Content Management System.
  • HashBrown (website) - Remote, multilingual, multi-project, multi-environment CMS using customisable content and field schemas.
  • Strapi (website) - Open source Node.js ecosystem to build, deploy and manage your own API.
  • Enduro.js (website) - Minimalistic, flat-file, full-fledged cms that gets your website running in minutes.
  • Raneto (website) - Markdown powered Knowledgebase for Nodejs

Meteor apps

  • TelescopeJS (website) - Telescope Nova is a free, open-source app platform built with React and powered by Meteor on the back-end. Nova provides simple building blocks such as posts, comments, forms, and modals, and makes it easy to quickly customize them to build modern, social web apps.


  • Shield (website) - Shields badge specification, website and default API server.
  • David-www (website) - David helps keep your project dependencies up to date.
  • JSON-server - Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds (seriously).
  • Mongo-Express - Web-based MongoDB admin interface, written with express.
  • Eve (website) - Eve is a set of tools to help us think. Currently, these tools include: a temporal query language, a compiler, and a database.
  • Hotel - Start your dev servers from your browser and get local domains in seconds.
  • Hackathon Starter - A boilerplate for Node.js web applications.
  • Node-RED - A visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things
  • nscm - An open-source CLI tool for working with NodeSource Certified Modules

Electron apps

Communities Management

  • Commudle(website) - World's first community management platform. And it's free.


  • Ghost (website) - A simple, powerful publishing platform.
  • Mean-Blog - Blog using Expressjs, Angularjs and Mongodb. MEAN Javascript Fullstack application.
  • Wordpress Calypso (website) - The new JavaScript- and API-powered
  • Hexo (website) - A fast, simple & powerful blog framework.
  • Reptar (website) - Powerful, modern, and flexible static site generator.

File Managers

  • Cloud Commander(website) - Orthodox web file manager with console and editor.
  • MyDrive - Self Hostable Fully Featured Google Drive Clone, using MongoDB, Typescript, Amazon S3/Filesystem, and Express.


  • Mediacenterjs (website) - A HTML/CSS/Javascript based Media center.
  • Habitica (website) - A habit tracker app which treats your goals like a Role Playing Game.
  • moeda - A foreign exchange rates and currency conversion using cli.



  • NASA's Open MCT (website) - A web based mission control framework.
  • MIRNet-TFJS - An application ehich uses Machine Learning in your browser to enhance low-light images upto a great extent.


Meteor apps

Chat Bots


  • Countly (website) - Open source, mobile & web analytics and marketing platform for Android, iOS and web.


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