GPS tracking system
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Ulogger Android267
3 days ago8gpl-3.0Java
μlogger • android application for real-time collection and publishing of geolocation data
Nodejs Tk102112422 years ago12July 17, 20211unlicenseJavaScript
DEPRECATED - Server for Xexun/Coban TK102 GPS tracker devices - Anyone want to take over this project?
7 years ago2JavaScript
Background Phonegap app that sends current gps location to a server.
23 days agomitC
WiFi-enabled GNSS (GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS, Galileo) fed NTP/RDATE server based on ESP8266/ESP32 and Arduino
2 months ago6mitPython
A DIY, python-based framework to set up a server and exchange TCP packets with a chinese GPS+SIM (2G) device whose communication protocol is derived from something called GT06
Chasr Server61
2 months agoagpl-3.0Python
End-To-End Encrypted GPS Tracking Service
Tk102 Server27
10 years agogpl-3.0Python
Python server for tk102-2 compatible GPS trackers.
7 months ago1mitKotlin
Firmwares for Huami wearables
4 years agogpl-2.0PHP
GPS tracking system
5 years ago1gpl-3.0C++
AG Rooftop controller with NTRIP client and IMU (ESP32 Controller)
Alternatives To Gpstracking
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Important Note

This is a very old project that contains tones of old code structures. The project was completely rewritten and is available at its own Github Repository. Furthermore, the rewritten project also contains Android Apps.

GPS tracking system (server and clients)

This is a GPS tracking system that allows you to track the taken paths of a client or to track the current position and movements of a client. It consists of a server component that stores all GPS data in a MySQL database and a client component that gathers the current GPS data in an interval and transmits it to the server.

The server supports multiple clients and with the help of OpenStreetMap it can show you the taken GPS data directly with the browser.

The data is transmitted via HTTPS from the client to the server. If you are interested in this project and want to write your own client (for example for Android or iOS), you just have to be able to log in via HTTP authentication and transmit "latitude", "longitude", "altitude", "utctime" and "speed" via a POST request. The server will take care of the rest (which is storing the GPS data in a database and providing an interface to work with this data).

If you are interested in this project or just want to see some screenshots from the tracking, you can visit:

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