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Spree Starter (formerly Spark Starter Kit)

Circle CI Maintainability

This is a Ruby on Rails application minimal template with Spree Commerce pre-installed, fully dockerized and ready to be deployed to Heroku.

Launch on Heroku


Local Installation

Install required tools and dependencies:

Run setup script


Import sample data such as products, categories, etc (optionally)

docker-compose run web rake spree_sample:load

Running the project

docker-compose up


Running rails console

docker-compose run web rails c

Running tests

docker-compose run web bash
bundle exec rspec

Adding new gems

Update Gemfile and run

bundle install
docker-compose build

You will need to restart the server if running:

docker-compose restart

Updating gems

bundle update spree
docker-compose build

Environment variables

variable description default value
DEBUG_ASSETS Enables/disables asset debugging in development false
DB_POOL database connection pool 5
MEMCACHED_POOL_SIZE memcache connection pool 5
SENDGRID_API_KEY API key to interface Sendgrid API


Spree Starter (formerly Spark Starter Kit) is copyright © 2015-2021 Spark Solutions Sp. z o.o.. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.

About Spark Solutions

Spark Solutions

Spree Starter is maintained and funded by Spark Solutions Sp. z o.o. The names and logos are trademarks of Spark Solutions Sp. z o.o.

We are passionate about open source software. We are available for hire.

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