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Unofficial and incomplete lists of various domain names, for research purposes only.

The CZ list is an append-only list because there's no easy way to filter out expired domains, see this issue. @k47 ran a scan and says roughly half of the domains are dead. Consider yourself warned.




Registrant ID and date of expiration from the Whois for tld-cz.txt. Contains also some historical data. If a domain from tld-cz.txt is not in whois-cz.txt with expire_at > current_date it should be considered as not existing.

Want to contribute?

Have a list of domains you'd like to add? Feel free to create a pull request!

Here's a short how-to:

  1. Only 2nd-level domains foo.tld, no (lines should match ^[a-z0-9-]+\.tld$, so for example grep --only-matching --perl-regexp "[a-z0-9-]+\.cz" data.txt > yourlist.txt)
  2. Use LF newlines, not CRLF (dos2unix yourlist.txt)
  3. Generate a new list, for example with cat tld-cz.txt yourlist.txt | sort | uniq > tld-cz-new.txt
  4. Review tld-cz-new.txt, rename to tld-cz.txt, pull request it

Thank you!

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