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SwiftUI Grid

SwiftUI Grid view layout with custom styles.


  • ZStack based layout
  • Vertical and horizontal scrolling
  • Supports all apple platforms
  • Custom styles (ModularGridStyle, StaggeredGridStyle)
  • SwiftUI code patterns (StyleStructs, EnvironmentValues, ViewBuilder)
  • Active development for production apps

Open GridDemo.xcodeproj for more examples for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS


ModularGridStyle (Default)

ScrollView {
    Grid(colors) {
    ModularGridStyle(columns: .min(100), rows: .fixed(100))


ScrollView {
    Grid(1...69, id: \.self) { index in
    StaggeredGridStyle(.horizontal, tracks: 8, spacing: 4)


Tracks setting allows you to customize grid behaviour to your specific use-case. Both Modular and Staggered grid use tracks value to calculate layout. In Modular layout both columns and rows are tracks.

public enum Tracks: Hashable {
    case count(Int)
    case fixed(CGFloat)
    case min(CGFloat)


Grid is split into equal fractions of size provided by a parent view.

ModularGridStyle(columns: 3, rows: 3)
StaggeredGridStyle(tracks: 8)


Item size is fixed to a specific width or height.

ModularGridStyle(columns: .fixed(100), rows: .fixed(100))
StaggeredGridStyle(tracks: .fixed(100))


Autolayout respecting a min item width or height.

ModularGridStyle(columns: .min(100), rows: .fixed(100))
StaggeredGridStyle(tracks: .min(100))


Get item size and position with preferences

struct CardsView: View {
    @State var selection: Int = 0
    var body: some View {
        ScrollView {
            Grid(0..<100) { number in
                Card(title: "\(number)")
                    .onTapGesture {
                        self.selection = number
            .overlayPreferenceValue(GridItemBoundsPreferencesKey.self) { preferences in
                RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 16)
                    .strokeBorder(lineWidth: 4)
                        width: preferences[self.selection].width,
                        height: preferences[self.selection].height
                        x: preferences[self.selection].midX,
                        y: preferences[self.selection].midY


  • iOS 13.1+
  • Mac Catalyst 13.1+
  • macOS 10.15+
  • watchOS 6+
  • Xcode 11.0+


  • Items span
  • 'CSS Grid'-like features

Code Contributions

Feel free to contribute via fork/pull request to master branch. If you want to request a feature or report a bug please start a new issue.

Coffee Contributions

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