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shell scripts that builds systemd based gentoo box for x86_64 platform.



$ cp ./variables{.sample,}.sh
$ vi ./
$ ./ /tmp/
$ scp /tmp/ installer:/tmp/
$ ssh installer /tmp/

Packer (virtualbox-iso, amazon-ebs)

$ packer build --var 'subnet_id=subnet-XXX' --var 'vpc_id=vpc-XXX' packer/gentoo.json
$ packer build --only=virtualbox-iso --var 'subnet_id=' --var 'vpc_id=' packer/gentoo.json

packer build should be run in the repository root directory.

Built images using packer

You can use these if you can trust me. Note that the images are provided w/o any warranty. And the images can be removed w/o any notices. If you want persistent copy, build by your own.

Vagrant (virtualbox, qemu, aws)

Not frequently updated




Packer virtualbox support

  • default user name is vagrant, and its password is vagrant
  • NOPASSWD sudo access enabled for wheel group, which vagrant user belongs to.

Packer EC2 support

  • cloud-init has enabled
  • default user name is gentoo
    • NOPASSWD sudo access enabled for the user
    • default user creation is done via cloud-init.
  • IPv6 is not supported out-of-the-box
    • As of Jan 31st, AWS' DHCPv6 server implementation doesn't respond to packets sent from systemd-networkd :/

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