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This is a LuaJIT binding for the excellent C++ intermediate gui imgui. Uses cimgui to be the most "up to date" as possible.


  • currently this wrapper is based on version [1.82 docking of imgui]


Remember to do a recursive cloning of the repo to pull submodules also.

git clone --recurse-submodules

If already cloned and updating do from this repo folder:

git submodule update --init --recursive


  • linux cimgui_sdl (for love2d for example) needs: sudo apt install libsdl2-dev
  • run one of the scripts in the build directory from a sibling folder to the repo. If you want to install, (recomended) add this -DLUAJIT_BIN="folder where LuaJIT is" to the cmake command.
  • make (or make install).
  • If you didnt install in LuaJIT directory, set basedir variable in imgui.lua to the directory libimgui is found.
  • Alternatively you can build which includes LuaJIT-ImGui and dependencies.


binding generation

  • if cimgui is updated the binding can be remade with ./lua/build.bat

used in

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