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A protocol gateway for the web.

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The monorepo for the Sockethub project.

Sockethub is a translation layer for web applications to communicate with other protocols and services that are traditionally either inaccessible or impractical to use from in-browser JavaScript.

For more information on Sockethub see the Sockethub README


Install Dependencies

$ yarn deps

Run Tests

$ yarn test

Run Linter

$ yarn lint:js

Or, to automatically fix linting errors:

$ yarn lint:fix

Integration Tests

$ yarn run integration


For development purposes, with examples enabled, run:

$ DEBUG=sockethub* yarn run dev

You should then be able to browse to http://localhost:10550 and try out the examples.

For production, with examples disabled.

$ DEBUG=sockethub* yarn run start

For more info on configuration options, see the Sockethub README section on environment variables.*



Project created and maintained by Nick Jennings

Logo design by Jan-Christoph Borchardt

Sponsored by NLNET


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