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Discover why functional languages, such as Elixir, are ideally suited to building applications following the command query responsibility segregation and event sourcing (CQRS/ES) pattern.

Conduit is a blogging platform, an exemplary clone, built as a Phoenix web application.

This is the full source code to accompany the "Building Conduit" eBook.

This book is for anyone who has an interest in CQRS/ES and Elixir. It demonstrates step-by-step how to build an Elixir application implementing the CQRS/ES pattern using the Commanded open source library.

MIT License

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Getting started

Conduit is an Elixir application using Phoenix 1.4 and PostgreSQL for persistence.


You must install the following dependencies before starting:

Configuring Conduit

  1. Clone the Git repo from GitHub:

    $ git clone
  2. Install mix dependencies:

    $ cd conduit
    $ mix deps.get
  3. Create the event store database:

    $ mix do event_store.create, event_store.init
  4. Create the read model store database:

    $ mix do ecto.create, ecto.migrate
  5. Run the Phoenix server:

    $ mix phx.server

This will start the web server on localhost, port 4000:

This application only includes the API back-end, serving JSON requests.

You need to choose a front-end from those listed in the RealWorld repo. Follow the installation instructions for the front-end you select. The most popular implementations are listed below.

Any of these front-ends should integrate with the Conduit back-end due to their common API.

Running the tests

MIX_ENV=test mix event_store.create
MIX_ENV=test mix event_store.init
MIX_ENV=test mix ecto.create
MIX_ENV=test mix ecto.migrate
mix test

Need help?

Please submit an issue if you encounter a problem, or need support.

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