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St (Suckless Terminal)

Xresources live-reload demo


# Void
xbps-install libXft-devel libX11-devel harfbuzz-devel libXext-devel libXrender-devel libXinerama-devel

# Debian (and ubuntu probably)
apt install build-essential libxft-dev libharfbuzz-dev

# Nix
nix develop github:siduck/st

(most of these are already installed on Arch based distros)

# Install font-symbola and libXft-bgra

Try it out!

Before you install st on your system, you might want to try it out first. To do so, simply run (requires Nix) nix run github:siduck/st


git clone
cd st
sudo make install
xrdb merge pathToXresourcesFile

(note : put the xrdb merge command in your wm's autostart or similar)

Using Nix flakes

Add st.url = "github:siduck/st"; to your inputs and install"${system}".st-snazzy package


  • Install JetbrainsMono Mono Nerd Font or any nerd font from here


  • Ligatures
  • sixel (check sixel branch)
  • scrollback
  • Clipboard
  • Alpha(Transparency)
  • Boxdraw
  • patch_column ( doesnt cut text while resizing)
  • font2
  • right click paste
  • st desktop entry
  • newterm
  • anygeometry
  • xresources
  • sync patch ( Better draw timing to reduce flicker/tearing and improve animation smoothness )
  • live reload ( change colors/fonts on the fly ) and more...

Xresources live-reload

# make an alias for this command

alias rel="xrdb merge pathToXresourcesFile && kill -USR1 $(pidof st)"

Ram usage comparison with other terminals and speed test

( note : This benchmark was done on my low end machine which has a pentium cpu so the speed results might vary )

Default Keybindings

ctrl + shift + c        Copy  
ctrl + shift + v Paste
right click on the terminal ( will paste the copied thing ) (Zoom) alt + comma Zoom in
alt + . Zoom out
alt + g Reset Zoom
(Transparency) alt + s Increase Transparency
alt + a Decrease Transparency
alt + m Reset Transparency
alt + k scroll down alt + j scroll up mod + shift + enter open a new terminal with same cwd ( current working directory )

you can change all of these in config.h

Themes/Fonts used



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