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Fuzzy Finder for Chrome

Type ff in your address bar followed by your keywords to fuzzy search your tabs and history.

Note: To select the first match, you can press Enter without pressing down or selecting any of the results.


Let's say you have 100 tabs open, in multiple windows. You want to find a youtube tab of a talk you were watching a few hours ago. Instead of going through all your tabs one by one, you could just type (in your address bar):

ff talk ytube

and you will see a list of all the tabs that match the phrase "ytube" and "talk" in any order.

Matching is fuzzy, so "ytube" will match "youtube".

If no matching open tab is found, the extension will show matching items in your history.


Download chrome-ff-1.4.crx and drop it in your chrome://extensions/ page.



This extension is released under the MIT License.

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