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SActive Bot

😈 An extensible chat bot framework.

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Create a Mattermost bot:

Create a Mattermost bot

Chat with bot:

Chat with bot


  • NodeJs version v7.9+


Clone source code form GitHub

# clone
git clone [email protected]:shipengqi/sactive-bot.git

# install dependencies
cd sactive-bot
yarn install

# link
npm link

NPM or Yarn

npm install sactive-bot -g

# or
yarn global add sactive-bot


  • WeChat Bot
  • Slack Bot
  • Mattermost Bot
  • Microsoft Teams Bot
  • Support create conversation for bot
  • Misspelling
  • Help for bot
  • Conversation Manager
  • Command API call
  • Authentication
  • Support integrate your own adatper



  • Unit Test
  • Command receiver authentication
  • Crypto all sensitive information
  • Render card
  • Docker version, kubernetes version


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