.NET Framework for Backgrounding & Device Hardware Services (iOS, Android, & Catalyst)
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Shiny1,27826410 days ago324September 05, 202311mitC#
.NET Framework for Backgrounding & Device Hardware Services (iOS, Android, & Catalyst)
Esp32 Blecollector223
3 months ago3mitC
ᛡᛒ BLE Scanner + Data persistence on SD Card for M5Stack, M5Core2, Odroid-Go, ESP32-Wrover-Kit and other models
React Native Location Enabler139
8 months ago8July 24, 202015mitTypeScript
This package makes it easy for an React Native App to ensure that the Android device's system settings are properly configured for the app's location needs. If your app needs to request location, the device needs to enable the appropriate system settings, such as GPS or Wi-Fi scanning. Rather than directly enabling services such as the device's GPS, your app specifies the required level of accuracy/power consumption, and the device automatically makes the appropriate changes to system settings.
Covid 19 Tracing Projects93
8 months ago1bsd-3-clause
Crowdsourced list of projects related to COVID-19 contact tracing
Tasmota Specials72
15 hours agomitHTML
Tasmota unofficial firmware builds. Install via Tasmota WebInstaller
a year ago2otherC
Open source bike GPS: with Strava segments !
4 years ago7gpl-3.0C
Bluetooth LE app for TomTom GPS watches: Runner, MultiSport, Cardio, Spark, Runner v2
4 years ago3Java
This project is a simple interface to facilitate the use of the native Android API Bluetooth le (BLE).
6 years ago4C
This is a native Nordic SDK application for controlling an nRF52-based wearable. It logs data and can also push them to an iPhone.
Swift Krbeaconfinder5
9 years agootherSwift
iOS 8 swift using GPS, BLE to find iBeacons, and simulate beacons adversting.
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Shiny v3 for .NET

Shiny is a cross platform framework designed to make working with device services and background processes easy, testable, and consistent while bringing things like dependency injection & logging in a structured way to your code!


  • Xamarin iOS
  • Xamarin Android
  • .NET 7 for Android
  • .NET 7 for iOS
  • .NET 7 for MacCatalyst
  • .NET 7 for Windows (Core & BLE)


  • Handles all of the cruft like Permissions, main thread traversal, persistent storage and app restarts
  • Brings your infrastructure to the background
  • Provides logging to ensure you know when your services fail in the background
  • Gives a clean & testable API surface for your code
  • Periodic Background Jobs
  • BLE Client & Hosting
  • Beacons Ranging & Monitoring
  • Locations - GPS & Geofencing
  • Push Notification - Native, Azure Notifications Hubs, Firebase, and more
  • Local Notifications - best of breed local notifications supporting almost all features across all of the supported platforms


Visual Studio Templates

These templates will help get you up & running quickly. Simply select what features of Shiny you want to use and they will wire up everything from permissions to app configuration.

GitHub NuGet

dotnet new --install Shiny.Templates

Integrating With Existing Apps

If you cannot use our awesome templates - try our ugly, but effective boilerplate builder at:

Support Shiny!

While Shiny is free and will continue to be so, maintenance and support takes a heavy toll on sustainability. If you or your company have the resources, please consider becoming a GitHub Sponsor. GitHub Sponsorships help to make Open Source Development more sustainable.

Depending on your Sponsorship Tier, you may also get access to some great benefits on Sponsor Connect ( including:

  • The Sponsor Only Discord server
  • Training available ONLY to sponsors on Sponsor Connect
  • Special sponsor-only packages

How about some Shiny Gear

Premium Paid Support

Looking for consulting for your .NET applications and Shiny, you can now book a time with Allan Ritchie on here: 1-1 Consulting Session



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