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Shiny for Xamarin & Windows

Shiny is a cross platform framework designed for Xamarin & UWP to make working with device services and background processes easy, testable, and consistent while bringing things like dependency injection & logging in a structured way to your code!


  • Handles all of the cruft like Permissions, main thread traversal, persistent storage and app restarts
  • Brings your infrastructure to the background
  • Provides logging to ensure you know when your services fail in the background
  • Gives a clean & testable API surface for your code
  • BLE Client & Hosting
  • Beacons Ranging & Monitoring
  • Locations - GPS, Geofencing, & Activity Monitoring (driving, walking, etc)
  • Push Notification - Native, Azure Notifications Hubs, Firebase, and more
  • Local Notifications - best of breed local notifications supporting almost all features across all of the supported platforms
  • Near Field Communications (NFC) - easy to use NFC tag reader
  • Sensors - every sensor available on your mobile phone is here


Support Shiny!

While Shiny is free and will continue to be so, maintenance and support takes a heavy toll on sustainability. If you or your company have the resources, please consider becoming a GitHub Sponsor. GitHub Sponsorships help to make Open Source Development more sustainable.

Depending on your Sponsorship Tier, you may also get access to some great benefits on Sponsor Connect ( including:

  • The Sponsor Only Discord server
  • Training available ONLY to sponsors on Sponsor Connect
  • Special sponsor-only packages

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