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Space Invaders game remake with rizz framework

It demonstrates how to make a simple game with rizz and shows multiple features, which some of them were not necessary for this type of game, but implemented as a test for the framework:

  • Basic game setup and initialization
  • 2D Sprites and basic animations
  • Audio
  • Input (keyboard + gamepad)
  • Coroutines (scene transitions)
  • Job Dispatcher (used for collision detection, which is silly in this case of course!)
  • Fonts and text
  • Shows Memory tracing and other debugger panels



First, clone the rizz and space-invaders repos to your root project folder:

cd projects
git clone [email protected]:septag/rizz.git
git clone [email protected]:septag/rizz-space-invaders.git

Go to space-invaders directory and configure with cmake.

Example: To build for visual studio 2019:

cd rizz-space-invaders
cd build-vc16
cmake ..\src -G "Visual Studio 16 2019" 

Then simply open the visual studio solution, build and run!

Please note that you need to set working directory to space-invaders project root ($(ProjectDir)..\ in msvc), and because that the current build type is HOST (see Host vs Bundle builds), you need to run the game through rizz host executable. which will be rizz.exe --run space-invaders.dll. For msvc debugger, it would be bin\$(Configuration)\rizz.exe --run bin\$(Configuration)\space-invaders.dll for command-line arguments.

Example: To build the game in bundle mode (stand-alone executable), configure the project using previous commands and set BUNDLE properties:

cmake ..\src  -G "Visual Studio 16 2019"  -DBUNDLE=1 -DBUNDLE_TARGET=space-invaders -DBUNDLE_TARGET_NAME=space_invaders -DBUNDLE_PLUGINS="imgui;sound;2dtools;input" 

These arguments indicate that we are building stand-alone executable (BUNDLE=1), target name is space_invaders (name of the game in main.c), and cmake project name is space-invaders (-DBUNDLE_TARGET=space-invaders). And needs to embed multiple plugins: imgui/sound/2dtools/input.


  • Use left/right arrow keys to move and SPACE to shoot.
  • You can also use gamepad (xbox controller), left analog stick to move and A key too shoot.
  • Press F2 to bring developer menu and open different debugger panels

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