Sea protocol is the ultimate DEX base on order-book & AMM on Aptos & Sui.Anybody has the right to trade any asset anywhere, anytime!
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17 hours ago1June 21, 2021433apache-2.0Python
Hummingbot is open source software that helps you build trading bots that run on any exchange or blockchain
a month ago1otherMove
Sea protocol is the ultimate DEX base on order-book & AMM on Aptos & Sui.Anybody has the right to trade any asset anywhere, anytime!
Bitshares Core1,161
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BitShares Blockchain node and command-line wallet
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Kelp is a free and open-source trading bot for the Stellar DEX and 100+ centralized exchanges
a year ago20April 12, 202213mitPython
Tools for use in DeFi. Impermanent Loss calculations, staking and farming strategies, coingecko and pancakeswap API queries, liquidity pools and more
Python Binance Chain268112 months ago23June 29, 201927mitPython
Binance Chain Exchange API python implementation for automated trading
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Trading Bot for the BitShares Decentralized Exchange
Paraswap Sdk20615a month ago124July 13, 202226otherTypeScript
ParaSwap allows dApps and traders to get the best DEX liquidity by aggregating multiple markets and offering the best rates
Typescript Sdk13465 months ago48June 11, 202214TypeScript
The Orca SDK contains a set of simple to use APIs to allow developers to integrate with the Orca platform.
23 days agomitJavaScript
A library for importing ones balances, networth, staking, rewards, lending & farming rates, dex volume & fees, uniswap new pairs into Google spreadsheets
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We believe anybody has the right to trade any asset anywhere, anytime!

Sea protocol is an ultimate DEX base on order-book & AMM, currently being developed on the Aptos & Sui blockchain.Sea protocol leverages the hyper parallelization of Aptos/Sui to bring incredible speed,reliability, and cost-effectiveness to decentralized trading.

Be the voice of freedom. Bank the unbanked. Speak for the silenced.


Grid Orders

Grid order is also known as grid trading. grid orders at regular intervals across a range. Buy orders are replaced with sell orders when they fill and sell orders are replaced with buy orders.

for example, Alice place a grid order which has 8 orders, 4 is buy order, 4 is sell order, as following: | Side | Price | Qty | |---|---|---| | Sell3 | 103 | 2.5 | | Sell2 | 102 | 2.5 | | Sell1 | 101 | 2.5 | | Sell0 | 100 | 2.5 | | Buy0 | 98 | 2.5 | | Buy1 | 97 | 2.5 | | Buy2 | 96 | 2.5 | | Buy3 | 95 | 2.5 |

If Sell0 is filled, this order got 100*2.5 = 250 quote; then this order will filp to buy order: | Side | Price | Qty | |---|---|---| | Buy | 99 | 2.5 |

If the filp order is filled, then it become sell order again: | Side | Price | Qty | |---|---|---| | Sell | 100 | 2.5 |

As the price fluctuates up and down, the grid filp again and again, the makes will got more and more profit.

And we provide maximum flexibility: you can cancel any order in the grid at any time.

Uniswap v3 a continual ranged grid order.


Min Lot Size

Sea protocol set min lot size to protect Sybil attack.

The pair's min lot size is NOT set when the pair is created. The min lot size is set when first trade created, and the min lot size can be modify at anytime when the trade price is updated, but it is not necessary.


Because aptos stdlib coin balance is u64, so the coin's decimals can NOT be too big, the recommend max is 8.

When not consider the coin scale, price formula is following:

price = quote_volume / base_volume

If we consider the coin scale, it became:

price = (quote_amount * base_scale) / (base_amount * quote_scale)

If the price is express in big int, we should multiple the price by a big number, such as 10^8, we call this is price coefficient, so:

price = price_coefficient * (quote_amount * base_scale) / (base_amount * quote_scale)

If we define price_ratio as following:

price_ratio = price_coefficient * base_scale / quote_scale

then, the final price express:

price = price_ratio * (quote_amount/base_amount)

zero spread

You can place post-only orders with same price, reverse side!

This is important for stable coin swap. For example, the USDT/USDC pair, in the orderbook, there have both sell orders with price 1 and buy orders with price 1, so anyone can buy USDT at price 1, or sell USDT at price 1.

Trading is mining

Trading is mining.

Uniswap does not allocate tokens to trades, I think this is unfair for traders.

Traders paid the trade fee, paid the gas fee, but got nothing.

We will avoid this and our token will incentivize both traders and LPs, for 50% to 50%.


aptos move test -i 1000000000

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