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Async await wrapper for easy error handling without try-catch
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Await To Js2,476644275a year ago7March 09, 20217mitTypeScript
Async await wrapper for easy error handling without try-catch
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Error handling for async functions without try/catch blocks
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a customized typescript compiler transpiler
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9 years agoPython
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Async await wrapper for easy error handling

Supported by:
The open-source notification infrastructure


You need to use Node 7.6 (or later) or an ES7 transpiler in order to use async/await functionality. You can use babel or typescript for that.


npm i await-to-js --save


import to from 'await-to-js';
// If you use CommonJS (i.e NodeJS environment), it should be:
// const to = require('await-to-js').default;

async function asyncTaskWithCb(cb) {
     let err, user, savedTask, notification;

     [ err, user ] = await to(UserModel.findById(1));
     if(!user) return cb('No user found');

     [ err, savedTask ] = await to(TaskModel({userId:, name: 'Demo Task'}));
     if(err) return cb('Error occurred while saving task');

    if(user.notificationsEnabled) {
       [ err ] = await to(NotificationService.sendNotification(, 'Task Created'));
       if(err) return cb('Error while sending notification');

    if( !== {
       [ err, notification ] = await to(NotificationService.sendNotification(, 'Task was created for you'));
       if(err) return cb('Error while sending notification');

    cb(null, savedTask);

async function asyncFunctionWithThrow() {
  const [err, user] = await to(UserModel.findById(1));
  if (!user) throw new Error('User not found');

TypeScript usage

interface ServerResponse {
  test: number;

const p = Promise.resolve({test: 123});

const [err, data] = await to<ServerResponse>(p);


MIT © Dima Grossman && Tomer Barnea

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