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GANs have probably been one of the coolest ideas in computer science in the past few years. They've gone from generating fuzzy images of digits to photorealistic faces. I've been exploring GANs a lot, and I though I'd compile a list of all of the resources I found helpful.

GAN generated digits GAN generated faces


If you've found any cool resources that you think belong here, be sure to submit a pull request!

Getting Started 👨‍💻️

The original GAN Paper

NIPS Tutorial on GANs

NIPS workshop series on how to train GANs

Tips and Tricks for training GANs

Tutorials 📔

A Brief Introduction to GANs (and how to code them)

Deep Diving into GANs: from theory to production

A Beginner's Guide to Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

Code 💻

KerasGAN - Python library with loads of implementations of GANs

DCGAN Tensorflow - Implementation of DCGAN in Tensorflow

CycleGAN - PyTorch implementation of CycleGAN

Wasserstein GAN - Code accompanying the Wasserstein GAN paper

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