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License: GPL v3


A simple, cross-platform command line tool for hashing files and text.



Usage: milva [options] <inputs>

  inputs        specify files/directories or text

  --shake256    use SHAKE256
  --shake128    use SHAKE128
  --sha3512     use SHA3-512
  --sha3384     use SHA3-384
  --sha3256     use SHA3-256
  --blake3      use BLAKE3-256
  --blake2b512  use BLAKE2b-512
  --blake2b256  use BLAKE2b-256
  --sha512      use SHA512
  --sha384      use SHA384
  --sha256      use SHA256
  --sha1        use SHA1
  --md5         use MD5
  -t|--text     specify text instead of files/directories
  -a|--about    view the program version and license
  -h|--help     show help information

  --sha256 [file]
  --sha256 --text [text]

When specifying file names/paths or text containing spaces, you must surround them with "speech marks":

$ milva --sha256 "GitHub Logo.png"
$ milva --sha256 "C:\Users\samuel-lucas6\Pictures\GitHub Logo.png"

Running Milva

On Windows via the Command Prompt:

$ cd "[download path]"
$ milva -h

On Linux and macOS via the terminal:

$ cd "[download path]"
$ chmod +x milva
$ ./milva -h
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