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Corporate Bullshit/Buzzword Generator API

Corporate bullshit is the icing on the cake, proof that not even the business world takes the business world seriously. People get annoyed about it but don’t do anything about it, they give its use in meetings the dignity of a response rather than someone saying “what the fuck are you talking about?!” Even Googling “how to deal with corporate bullshit” renders no exact matches and very related matches.

So, I made this lovely little corporate bullshit generator to randomly pick out phrases, which can help your application get ahead in an industry where spin, buzzwords and vagueness reign supreme.


CORS Enabled

It will sound so good that your users will just nod enthusiastically even though they have no idea.

Few bullshit examples

1) Quickly cloudify equity invested collaboration and idea-sharing

Means: “Use Google docs”

2) Efficiently build empowered networks

Means: “Make a company” or “use the internet” or “sell things”

Other Notes

Feel free to be offended!

This is my first Node/Express mini project.


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