A template to create awesome APIs easily ⚡️
Alternatives To Myapi
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Express Typescript Boilerplate2,780
4 months ago88mitTypeScript
A delightful way to building a RESTful API with NodeJs & TypeScript by @w3tecch
Node Ddd Boilerplate668
3 months ago46otherJavaScript
Node DDD Boilerplate
Express Stormpath327453215 years ago107July 22, 2017119apache-2.0JavaScript
Build simple, secure web applications with Stormpath and Express!
Express Api Es6 Starter284
2 months ago4mitJavaScript
Build APIs with Express.js in no time using ES6/ES7/ESNext goodness.
Express Boilerplate171
10 days ago6mitTypeScript
Boilerplate for setting up express.js applications
Onion Architecture Boilerplate156
a year ago14TypeScript
Node.js / Express Onion Architecture boilerplate with Typescript - OOP Variant
Express Postgres Starter119
2 years ago4mitJavaScript
A starter project for Node.js with Express and Postgres running on Docker Compose
Node Express Mysql Typescript Api Boilerplate110
9 months ago6TypeScript
Boilerplate for node express mysql typescript api project
Typescript Api Starter89
a month agomitTypeScript
:beginner: Starter for Node.js express API in Typescript :rocket:
a year ago7mitTypeScript
A template to create awesome APIs easily ⚡️
Alternatives To Myapi
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MyApi SQL Template
⚡️ Launch your api instantly watching changes with live-reload
📈 Highly scalable using Repository design pattern to access the database even easier
😎 OpenAPI with Swagger to describe your RESTful APIs
KISS principle make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler
📱 Mobile friendly supporting Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) with a list of domains for restricted resources
🔑 Security using JWT authentication strategy with Passport and other techniques to increase the security of your applications
👥 Made for Users. Easily validate permissions for specific routes using Guards with a Role-based access control
Don't repeat yourself, Single responsibility principle.
🔗 Validation: provides pipes available right out-of-the-box with class-validator to enforce validation rules for all incoming client payloads
⚠️ Logger with Winston using different levels to track exceptions easily
🔄 Migrations using TypeORM to apply incremental updates to the database

Demo 🎮

Do you want to see this template in action? Visit yay! 🎉

Options (Database Type) 💻

SQL Database NoSQL Database

Installation 📚

# install dependencies
$ yarn

Running the app ▶

# development
$ yarn start

# watch mode
$ yarn start:dev

# production mode
$ yarn start:prod

Running migrations ▶

# run migration
$ yarn migration

# create migration
$ yarn migration:create

# revert migration
$ yarn migration:revert

Test 🕵️

# unit tests
$ yarn test

# e2e tests
$ yarn test:e2e

# test coverage
$ yarn test:cov

TypeORM 📖

Resources 📚

Credits 👍

Supporting 🍻

I believe in Unicorns 🦄 Support me, if you do too.

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Wallet address

Wallet address: 0x3F9fA8021B43ACe578C2352861Cf335449F33427

Please let us know your contributions! 🙏

Happy coding 💯

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