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Homebridge Plugin for Xiaomi Dafang / Wyze Camera


  1. Install ffmpeg on your device
    $ brew install ffmpeg --with-openh264 --with-fdk-aac
  1. Install the plugin using:
    $ npm install -g --unsafe-perm homebridge
    $ npm install -g --unsafe-perm homebridge-dafang
  1. Install CFW on camera and set up MQTT. Refer to Setup Readme
  2. Edit config.json and add the plugin. Refer to config-sample.json in repository.
  3. Run Homebridge
  4. Add extra camera accessories in Home app. The setup code is the same as in homebridge.You can go into -> + -> Add New Accessory -> Add Manually -> Add Homebridge Pin -> Select Camera -> Add

Supported Cameras :

Name Picture
Xiaomi Dafang Dafang
Xiaomi Xiaofang 1S XiaoFang
Wyzecam Pan Dafang
Wyzecam V2 XiaoFang
Sannce I21AG, MixSight HX-I2110T2, WanScam HW0036, Escam G02, Digoo BB-M2 XiaoFang
Any other Device with Ingenic T10/T20 Device T20

Todo :

  • [ ] Timelapse Switch
  • [ ] Intercom 2 Way Audio **

Accessories :

Accessory Type Description Config
Motion Sensor motionSensor Alerts if Motion is Detected threshold(optional) => In ms.
Rich Motion Sensor richMotionSensor Alerts if Motion is Detected (Rich Notifications) threshold(optional) => In ms.
Night Vision Sensor nightVisionSensor Alerts if Night Mode is Detected threshold(optional) => In ms.
Night Vision Switch nightVisionSwitch Toggles Night Mode on Camera => IR_LED ON IR_CUT OFF None
Brightness Lux Sensor brightness Brightness Lux Sensor None
Automatic Night Mode Toggle Switch autoNightVisionSwitch Toggles Automatic Night Mode on Camera None
Automatic Motion Tracking Switch autoMotionTrackingSwitch Toggles Automatic Motion Tracking on Dafang None
Move/Rotate Camera Motor moveCamera Moves Dafang Camera Horizontal/Vertical right/left up/down Motor axis(required) => horizontal/vertical, direction(required) => left/right for horizontal and up/down for vertical
Record Video+Audio recordVideo Records Video + Audio Toggle Switch. Video(mp4) files are saved in local machine running homebridge None
Record Audio Only recordAudio Records Audio Toggle Switch. Audio(aac) files are saved in local machine running homebridge None
Capture Image captureImage Captures Image from Camera and saves to configured folder None
Recorded Media Storage Sensor storageSensor Alerts when recorded media folder storage is full on the system due to recordings. You can set custom disk space in MB in config None
Clear Storage Switch clearStorage Clears All Recordings None
Reset FFMEPG Switch resetFFMPEG Kills all FFMPEG Zombie Scripts. Audio/Video Recordings will restart recording. None
Motion Detection Switch motionDetection Enables/Disable Motion Detection. Turning off this switch will stop sending motion detection alerts. None
RTSP Server Switch rtspSwitch Debug Switch to turn on/off RTSP H264 Stream Server. None
MJPEG Server Switch mjpegSwitch Debug Switch to turn on/off MJPEG Server None
Recalibrate Motor Switch recalibrateSwitch Debug Switch to Re-Calibrate Camera Motor. None
Restart Camera Switch restartSwitch Debug Switch to restart Camera. None
Re-Mount SD Card RW Switch remountSwitch Debug Switch to re mount sd card with RW permission. It prevents SD Card Failures like stuck RTSP Stream. None

Threshold => Lesser Threshold, More Accuracy. Dafang Motion detection is sensitive, and it toggles very quickly, to keep the state of sensor more stable little threshold will delay frequent alerts

Demo :

Sorry for crappy quality. Tested on Rpi + Slow Network

Advanced Demo :

Advanced Demo

Simple Demo :

Simple Demo

Rich Notifications :

Plugin Config :

Config Type Description Config
mqtt.hostBroker bool Set true to host MQTT Locally, set false to connect to external MQTT Broker. Required
cameras Array (Object) Can add Multiple Cameras Required

Camera Config :

Config Type Description Config
cameraRTSPStreamUrl string RTSP Stream Url e.g. rtsp:// Required
disableStream bool Set true to stream camera, set false to disable camera view Optional
mqttTopic string Each Dafang Device must have a unique topic. Topic should match for each corresponding camera accessory Required
folder string Absolute path of directory where recordings/images will be saved Required
segmentLength number Length of each video file. (in seconds). Each recording will be saved in segmented videos. Default : 60 (1 minute) Optional
maxDirSize number Max Size of folder (in mb) where recordings will be saved. Default : 2048 (2GB) Optional
checkStorageSizeInterval number Time in seconds to re check recording folder size for storageSensor. Default : 300 (5 min) Optional
recordingDirectoryPathFormat string DateTime format for Recordings Directory Path. Default : MMM-Do-YY Optional
recordingFilenameFormat string DateTime format for Recordings Filename. Default : YYYY-M-D-h-mm-ss Optional

Refer to for custom DirectoryPath/FileName formats for recordings..

    "platforms": [
            "platform": "Dafang",
            "mqtt": {
                "hostBroker": true,
                "port": 1883,
                "host": "localhost",
                "debug": true,
                "mongoUrl": "mongodb://localhost:27017/mqtt"
            "cameras": [{
                "cameraName": "My Dafang",
                "cameraRTSPStreamUrl": "rtsp://",
                "mqttTopic": "myhome/dafang/#",
                "folder": "/Users/sahilchaddha/Sahil/Recordings/",
                "accessories": [
                                        "name": "Living Room Motion Sensor",
                                        "type": "richMotionSensor",
                                        "threshold": 300000
                                        "name": "Living Room Auto Motion Tracking Switch",
                                        "type": "autoMotionTrackingSwitch"
                                        "name": "Living Room Night Vision Sensor",
                                        "type": "nightVisionSensor",
                                        "threshold": 0
                                        "name": "Living Room Night Vision Switch",
                                        "type": "nightVisionSwitch"
                                        "name": "Living Room Auto Night Vision Switch",
                                        "type": "autoNightVisionSwitch"
                                        "name": "Horizontal Left",
                                        "type": "moveCamera",
                                        "axis": "horizontal",
                                        "direction": "left"
                                        "name": "Horizontal Right",
                                        "type": "moveCamera",
                                        "axis": "horizontal",
                                        "direction": "right"
                                        "name": "Vertical Up",
                                        "type": "moveCamera",
                                        "axis": "vertical",
                                        "direction": "up"
                                        "name": "Vertical Down",
                                        "type": "moveCamera",
                                        "axis": "vertical",
                                        "direction": "down"
                                        "name": "Record Video",
                                        "type": "recordVideo"
                                        "name": "Record Audio",
                                        "type": "recordAudio"
                                        "name": "Capture Image",
                                        "type": "captureImage"
                                        "name": "RPi Storage Sensor",
                                        "type": "storageSensor"
                                        "name": "Clear Storage Switch",
                                        "type": "clearStorage"
                                        "name": "Reset Streaming",
                                        "type": "resetFFMPEG"
                                        "name": "Camera Brightness",
                                        "type": "brightness"


    $ npm run lint

Need Help ?

Get Slack Invite =>

Slack Channel =>

Slack User => @sahilchaddha


Sahil Chaddha

[email protected]

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