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Sublime Text Plugin

Fuzzy search and insert filenames inside your current project directory. Highly customizable.

Basic settings support Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP and glsl, but may be adjusted for most languages


Package Control

After Package Control installation, restart Sublime Text. Use the Command Palette Cmd+Shift+P (OS X) or Ctrl+Shift+P (Linux/Windows) and search for Package Control: Install Package. Wait until Package Control downloaded the latest package list and search for FuzzyFilePath.


in <SublimeConfig>/Packages/ call: git clone

Sublime Text 2

in <SublimeConfig>/Packages/FuzzyFilePath/ switch to Sublime Text 2 Branch with: git checkout st2

Attention: Sublime Text 2 will no longer be supported.


Filepaths will be suggested if there is a matching trigger for the current context and its property auto is set to true. For a matching trigger, filepath completions may be forced (ignoring auto property) by the following shorcuts:

  • Ctrl+Alt+Space inserts filepaths relative, overriding possible settings
  • Ctrl+Shift+Space inserts filepaths absolute, overriding possible settings

The current string may modify the suggested filepaths by the following rules:

  • word suggests all matching files by the type (relative or absolute) as specified in the matched rule
  • ./ suggests matching files within the current directory and inserts selection relative
  • ../ suggests all matching files and inserts selection relative
  • /folder suggests all matching files and insert selection absolute

FuzzyFilePath is disabled for single files or files outside the opened folder.

Open File

Use Alt+Enter to open the file under cursor

Configure Completion Panel

Ensure you have autocompletion activated for Sublime. In those cases, where the autocompletion panel is still not opened (for any type of completions), you may extend auto_complete_triggers to add special rules for the completion panel to show up. i.e. enabling autocompletion for latex \input{"path/to/asset"}, you could add:

		"characters": "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz",
		"selector": "text.tex.latex"

or enabling html completion for <script src="path/to/script">

		"characters": "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz",
		"selector": "string.quoted.double.html"

Special Characters

If your projects contains filenames with special characters, consider modifying Sublime Texts word_separators.

i.e. in AngularJs filenames may start with $. In Sublime Text | Preferences | Settings - User redeclare word separators, removing $:

	"word_separators": "./\\()\"'-:,.;<>[email protected]#%^&*|+=[]{}`~?"


For further details about troubleshooting, customization, settings and keybindings please refer to the Wiki

Trying to integrate other languages? See the auto complete Python package tutorial

Related Plugins

  • uses file discovery based on current directory instead of fuzzy search
  • adds properties for images in autocompletion description

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